Get an API key


Before you start using an Upwork API, you must be a registered Upwork user, register your application, and obtain your API key. To do so, fill in the request form. All API key requests are thoroughly reviewed, to expedite your key request process, follow the guidelines and instructions below.


Upwork Account

To get ready to make your API key request, first create and verify an Upwork account. Create a complete and active Upwork account (it is not active until your registration is accepted by Upwork), including your own real, verifiable:

  • Name (no fake names, no company names - though you can also add your company name to the account if registering as a client)
  • Physical address (including apartment number) - either in your Contact Info (freelancers) or your Company Contact (clients)
  • Profile portrait


API Usage

For your app to be considered for API access, it must comply with the following restrictions:

  • Don’t exceed a reasonable request volume. Our daily allowed limit is 40K requests.
  • Don’t use the Upwork logo, brand name, brand theme/colors,  trademarks or copyrighted content in the API key request form or the app you will develop.
  • Commercial use of the Upwork API is available only to select commercial partners with prior permission. Please, contact [email protected] to discuss details of any potential commercial use of our API.


API Key Application

Note that we thoroughly review all API key requests before they will be enabled. To expedite your key review process, please provide full, clear and valid information, especially in the Project Description field:

  • State what you plan to use our API for.
  • State whether you will expose your application to third parties or you will use it only for personal purposes.


Apply for an API key

Once you have taken the steps above to ensure you and your app qualify for consideration, register for an API key here.

You will receive an e-mail approving or rejecting your request. If your request is rejected, check that you followed all the guidelines above. Once you make the necessary changes to your account and/or application, respond to the rejection e-mail you received and let us know. We will review the API key request again within 1-2 business days.

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Upwork Status

Incident Status

Our records show your Upwork account is not active.

This might be due to no account activity (earnings, payments, contracts, etc.) or because we had to suspend it. When we suspend an account we send an email explaining the reason and whether or not you can take steps to reverse the suspension. Please review that email for more details.

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