Upwork Business and Upwork Enterprise account owners can request access to Upwork’s API in order to integrate Upwork’s features with their business website and internal systems. To request an API key, please review the following guidelines and submit the below form.


Request an API key


To request an API key you must meet the following criteria

  • You must be the account owner and have Upwork Business or Upwork Enterprise membership
  • Your account must be registered under your own name with your company name added, if different from your name
  • Your complete, physical address must be listed under Company Contact
  • Your account must have a profile photo

When submitting a request please include

  • A clear, accurate, and complete project description
  • State precisely what you plan to use the API for
  • State whether your usage will be exposed to third parties or will be for private use

API usage must comply with the following restrictions

  • Must not exceed a reasonable request volume. Our daily allowed limit is 40,000 requests
  • Must not use the Upwork logo, brand name, brand theme/colors, trademarks or copyrighted content in the API key request form or the app you will develop
  • Must be used for a non-commercial purpose
  • The other terms of the API Terms of Use

* Commercial use of the Upwork API is available only to select commercial partners with prior permission. Please, contact partners@upwork.com to discuss details of any potential commercial use of our API.

Once you have submitted a request we will reply by email within two weeks, either approving or rejecting your request. If your request is rejected please check that you followed all the guidelines above. If you find you made an error or left out a detail that caused your request to be denied, you may update your application and re-submit it. We will then review the API key request one more time.


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