We send Upwork coupon codes for promotional offers that we give to Upwork freelancers and agencies via email, events, and partnerships. You may use the coupon to upgrade your membership to Freelancer Plus or Agency Plus.

One major benefit of a Freelancer Plus membership is that you get to view bid ranges, which lets you see what other freelancers are charging for this particular type of project. You may realize that your own rates are not competitive or that you are charging less than the going rate. Other benefits include keeping your earnings confidential, customizing your URL, and getting 70 extra Connects. 

 and agencies may use the coupon to upgrade their membership to Freelancer Plus or Agency Plus.

To redeem the coupon

  1. Go to Settings Membership & Connects
  2. Select View or edit membership plan
  3. Click the Upgrade Now button
  4. Enter your payment method (Credit card, debit card, or verified PayPal)
  5. Enter the promo code in the box provided

Your membership is free during the promotional period. After that time, we will charge you monthly. If you don't wish to continue the Plus membership after the promo period, you can downgrade or cancel any time before the next billing cycle.

Note: Some promotional coupons may offer only extra Connects, not a membership upgrade. You can learn more about Connects here.

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