Reports offer simple ways to track how many hours your team logs and payments you have made. They also help you see what your team members are working on currently.

To find your reports

  • Go to Reports and choose the report that suits your needs.

Clients can use these tools in combination with Work Diaries to stay informed. Remember—reports are great for looking at your contracts in aggregate and tracking the big picture, but they will never take the place of talking directly with your freelancers and agencies to manage their individual contracts.

  • You must have hourly contracts with billable hours in order to take advantage of most reports. (Transactions and Dashboard include all types of payments.)
  • Time over the weekly limit is excluded.
  • Manual changes may take a few hours to reach all reports. Time logged with the Upwork Team App will appear more quickly.

These are the various reports

Weekly Summary
A billing summary that includes hours, fixed-price, and other payments


Charts based on activities


A detailed record of your payments (downloadable)


Hours and cost per freelancer totaled in days, weeks, or months


Time by Freelancer
Hours and billing per freelancer, including activities or memos


Time by Activity
Hours and billing per activity


Work Diary
Summary of Work Diary data


Custom Export
A configurable report of hours and charges during a selected time period (downloadable)


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