Billing Cycle

Plus memberships are billed immediately when you upgrade and then monthly for as long as you remain enrolled. So if you enroll on the fifth day of the month, you will always be billed and have your Connects balance refresh on the fifth day of the month.

You can change your monthly billing cycle date by downgrading to a Basic plan before your billing date this month and then upgrading back to a Plus plan the following month on your preferred billing date. You can't downgrade and then upgrade for the purpose of changing your billing date within the same monthly billing cycle.

For example: If your current billing date is the 15th, and you want to change it to the first, you'd need to downgrade before November 15th and then upgrade on December 1st. If you downgraded after November 15th you'd need to wait until January 1st in order to renew your billing cycle.

Note: Billing cycles started on the 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st of the month will all be renewed on the 1st of the next month. The 27th is the last date eligible for monthly billing. 

Billing Method

If you have a sufficient available balance from Upwork earnings, we will use that to pay for your membership. If your balance isn't sufficient, we'll charge your chosen billing method (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express/PayPal). If your billing method fails for any reason, you'll be immediately downgraded to a Basic plan. Please fix the issue with your billing method and then you can re-enroll in a Plus plan. We won't make additional attempts after a payment failure.

Upgrade Proration

At upgrade, you'll receive a prorated number of Connects. We change your billing cycle date when you upgrade, so proration is based on how many days into your Basic plan's billing cycle you were at the time of upgrade. By prorating your Connects we can ensure you always get a fair allotment no matter when you upgrade.

When you upgrade, you keep the Connects you already have and we add on the Plus plan upgrade amount (10 for freelancers or 20 for agencies). We then also give you credit for the days of billing cycle that have passed since your Connects were last refilled.

How? We figure each day is worth two Connects because the Basic plan gives you 60 to use in 30 days. If it's been three days since your Connects refreshed, you get six Connects. If it's been 25 days since your Connects refreshed, it'll be 50 Connects.

Connects balance at upgrade


Difference between Basic & Plus

+ 10

Days into the billing cycle


Prorated Connects (days x 2)

+ 50

Total after upgrade

= 105


If your account or billing method are suspended, your membership will be downgraded at the next billing cycle.

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