We want you to be able to focus on doing your best work, so we keep track of your job history for you — all the information for each of your contracts, all in one place. Your Overview report includes your hourly rates and total billings on each contract. All hourly, milestone, Project Catalog, bonus, and other payments you receive will be included in your total.


What earnings will display on my profile?

The Total Earned listed on your public-facing profile is the same value as in your Earnings by Client report. It includes your earnings as a freelancer and as part of an agency, if applicable.

My earnings in Upwork

Contracts take about 24 hours to appear on your profile after your client pays at least $1.00. We exclude contracts not meeting this minimum from your profile and work and feedback history.


Keep your earnings private

As a Plus plan member, you can opt to hide your contracts' rates and total billings on your profile's work history. This will hide them from the general public and the marketplace, but not from your proposals. Once you submit a proposal or accept an invitation, that potential client will see your past contracts' rates and totals. Your profile rate advertised at the top will always be visible.

For Basic plan members, it isn't possible to hide rates or earnings on your Upwork profile, but you can upgrade to a Plus plan or limit others' access to your profile. Please be aware that if you restrict your profile visibility, you will also limit the ability for clients to find you in the marketplace.

If you downgrade from a Plus plan to a Basic plan, your earnings privacy will automatically default back to public view. You can reset it to private if you choose to upgrade again.

Hide your profile earnings

  1. Go to SettingsProfile Settings
  2. Click the box for Earning Privacy

Hide your agency earnings

  1. Go to Find Work Agency Roster
  2. Click the box for Keep the earnings in my Upwork history private

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