The Rising Talent program aims to help new freelancers and agencies quickly get started, grow their client base, and establish their freelance reputation on our platform.


For a comparison chart of program eligibility and advantages for freelancers, click here.

New freelancers who qualify to become Rising Talent are invited to the program via email. If you received an invite, you can follow the link in your email invitation to take the Upwork Readiness Test and complete your enrollment in the Rising Talent program.

Program Eligibility

While anyone without a Job Success score is eligible to participate in the Rising Talent program, there is no application process. New freelancers are added to the program once they qualify and meet the criteria below.

* Please note that it may take up to 48 hours to see the Rising Talent badge on your profile after meeting the qualifications.

As Rising Talent, you must

  1. Pass the Upwork Readiness Test
  2. Complete your projects on time and as promised
  3. Maintain a 100% complete profile that accurately showcases your skills
  4. Keep your availability status up-to-date
  5. Regularly submit proposals to projects that match your skill set
  6. Adhere to the Upwork Terms of Service
  7. Have been active in the past 90 days or joined in the past 30 days

In addition to the above requirements, agencies must have:

  • 2 or more team members
  • Maintain a 100% complete agency profile
  • Maintain a 100% complete agency owner profile
  • Maintain a 60% or higher average profile completeness across the agency

As a reminder, we look at a variety of factors when determining whether to award Rising Talent status. This includes client feedback, the overall strength of your profile upon submission, including prior experience and skills and your educational background, as well as the opportunities available in the market. Therefore, even new freelancers who have yet to complete any projects on Upwork can be admitted into the Rising Talent program.

Program Perks

As a Rising Talent, you receive the following perks.

  • A Rising Talent badge on your profile
  • A one-time bonus of 30 free Connects for you to submit more proposals to clients
  • Access to chat and ticket support from a specialized customer support team
  • Reduced fees (starting at 10%) on Featured Jobs

Once you have enough work history on Upwork, your Rising Talent status will automatically be replaced by a Job Success Score (JSS). Once you earn a Job Success Score, you can start working toward Top Rated status.

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