ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a network for electronic financial transactions that allows for transfers to any U.S. bank account, commonly known as direct deposit.

Note: When adding your bank information, the beneficiary name on your bank account must match your verified name on Upwork. Exceptions may be made for transgender users and common name changes, i.e. Robert to Bob. If your payment method was flagged for a name mismatch, please contact support to resolve the issue or add a new payment method.

To add a U.S. bank account

  1. Go to Settings Get Paid
  2. Click Add Method
  3. Click the Set Up button for your chosen method
  4. Enter your bank account details
  5. Choose a payment schedule and click Next

For security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three days after you confirm the account.

It's essential that you enter your bank information correctly. Any errors could result in a failed transfer or delay. Contact your bank if you're not sure if you have the correct information, or if you received an error when you tried to enter it in our system.

Direct deposit is usually FREE for all who qualify. Your funds will arrive in your bank account in two to five business days. For more detail click here.

How do I edit my payment method?
  1. Go to Settings Get Paid
  2. Under Payment Methods, find the one you want to edit
  3. Click Edit from the (...) options menu
  4. Edit your information and click Save Changes

Email addresses, bank account numbers, and bank codes can't be edited. You must add a new payment method if these change. Don't forget to remove the old payment method at that time, too.

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