Pay for Hourly Contracts

Fixed-price contract? Click here. Past-due balance? Click here.

Weekly Billing for Hours

Every Monday you'll be invoiced for the previous week's hours based on your freelancers' Work Diaries. Your default billing method is charged automatically for the balance due. If there's an issue, you have until Friday to file a dispute. Click here to learn more about the weekly billing cycle.

Manual Payments

To make a manual payment on an hourly contract (separate from hours billed)

  1. Go to Jobs  All Contracts to locate the freelancer
  2. Select Give Bonus from the (...) options menu
  3. Fill out the form and click Make Payment

A "bonus" could be a performance bonus, reimbursement for expenses, milestone completed, or compensation for time over the freelancer's weekly limit. These are all processed the same way and subject to the same five-day security period and service fee on the freelancer's end.

Recurring Additional Weekly Billing

When you make an offer, you can specify a recurring weekly amount to be invoiced weekly along with your freelancers' hours. You'll set the amount in the Advanced Options on the offer form.

  • It is possible to pay solely on a flat weekly payment basis by setting the weekly limit to zero.
  • Weekly billing can only be set as part of your contract offer. To make changes you must end the current contract, rehire your freelancer, and set different weekly terms in the Advanced Options.
  • If a contract is paused, disputed, or suspended for any period of time in the week, the corresponding weekly payment will not be issued. You may make a manual payment to the freelancer for any work completed.
  • When the contract begins, we invoice a percentage of the total weekly amount based on the day the contract began:
    • Monday – 100%
    • Tuesday – 80%
    • Wednesday – 60%
    • Thursday - 40%
    • Friday - 20%
    • Saturday, Sunday – 0%
  • When the contract ends, we invoice a percentage of the total weekly amount based on the day the contract ends:
    • Monday – 20%
    • Tuesday – 40%
    • Wednesday – 60%
    • Thursday - 80%
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 100%

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