To make paying your freelancers as easy as possible, Upwork accepts multiple billing methods. Currently, they are:

You can designate a primary billing method and keep other billing methods on file as backups. You can also designate multiple primary billing methods across different teams.

To change, edit, or remove a billing method go to Settings > Billing & Payments. Only an alternative billing method may be removed. To remove a primary billing method, add an alternative billing method, then set it as your primary billing method.


Your credit card number or PayPal account cannot be edited. To update these, add them as a new billing method.

To set a primary billing method


To edit a billing method

  1. Go to SettingsBilling Methods
  2. Open the (...) options menu and select Edit
  3. Enter the updated details, then select Save Changes


To remove a billing method

  1. Go to Settings Billing Methods
  2. Select Remove


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