To add a credit card

When a credit card is added, Upwork may charge a $1 Authorization hold:

  • Upwork puts a $1.00 temporary hold on your card to ensure the card number is valid
  • This charge is separate from the 2 small charges used for credit card verification

If your card was declined

  • You may have entered a card Upwork does not accept, such as a prepaid or virtual card (this includes the Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard)
  • If the above is not the case, contact the card issuer to determine the reason they sent a failure code to Upwork
  • Some banks flag the two small verification charges as potentially fraudulent and block them — Once you or your bank resolves the issue, you can return to Upwork and complete verification
  • You may have entered the wrong security code/CVV.

Verification Charges

When you add a credit card, you may need to verify your card via 2 small charges

  • Upwork submits two charges that equal a total of $10
  • It can take up to five days for the two charges to show up on your credit card account

Important: Entering the wrong amounts three times will place your card on hold until you complete verification with the support team.

sampleccstatement.JPGIf your credit card statement is presented in a currency different from U.S. Dollars, we have added the USD amounts in the description of the verification charges. Please refer to the above graphic and the USD charge amounts will appear in the description: x.xx- x.xx.  Enter the USD amounts rather than local currency amounts to verify your card.

Note: If you are required to complete credit card verification, you must verify your card within seven days. Otherwise, any contracts in progress will be paused until you complete verification.

Failed Verification

Entering the wrong amounts three times will place your card in a verification failed state until you complete verification with the support team.


If your card is in a verification failed state

  1. Contact Support by clicking here
  2. Provide Customer Support with the charges exactly as they appear on your statement, including the amounts and transaction memos

What Happens to the 2 Small Charges?

These charges will bill to your card and appear in your Reports tab in your Transaction History.

Here's what happens to that credit

  • The $10 verification charge will remain as pending while the card is being verified
  • If you have a pending amount due, the verification charges will be applied to that pending balance
  • It will be refunded to the credit card as soon as it is verified or after the 7th day from the date the card was added if verification is not completed

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