This app is only available to Freelancer Plus subscribers.

As an Upwork freelancer, you’re here to boost your professional growth and earn. Upwork Chat Pro, our newest generative AI chatbot, can help.

How it works

Upwork Chat Pro is a work companion powered by Open AI GPT-4 and embedded into your Upwork experience to help you solve challenging tasks, boost productivity, and do your best work, faster.

Use is limited and depends on the length of your queries. You can enter about 100 messages each month and you’ll be notified as you start to reach the limit. Your opportunities refresh monthly on the day you begin use, so you’ll have plenty of access to one of the most powerful tools in the industry.
Your logs of old messages (called chats) will remain visible for up to 90 days.

Having a dedicated AI app can help you:

  • Work faster – Boost earnings by being more efficient. Upwork Chat Pro uses generative AI to help you complete complex tasks and requests faster while speeding up workflows
  • Boost productivity – Upwork Chat Pro provides access to technology that can help you review, suggest, analyze, and write text, data, and content for your Upwork projects
  • Manage tasks – As an independent freelancer, sometimes you need an extra hand. Upwork Chat Pro can act as a project assistant, helping you brainstorm, get organized, and reduce monotonous work

To use Upwork Chat Pro

To access Upwork Chat Pro
  1. Go to Apps and offersUpwork Chat Pro
  2. Choose Open Upwork Chat Pro
  3. Opt in to use AI if you haven't yet
  4. Send a message or use the prompts to get started
To see old chats with Upwork Chat Pro
  1. Go to Apps and offersUpwork Chat Pro
  2. Choose Open Upwork Chat Pro
  3. Check the left side panel for old chat records. Chat logs from Upwork Chat Pro will be held for 90 days


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Upwork Chat Pro?

Go to Apps and offersUpwork Chat Pro. Subscribe to Freelancer Plus to access the app. Learn more about Freelancer Plus.

Is Upwork Chat Pro available to everyone on Upwork?

Right now, Upwork Chat Pro is only available to Freelancer Plus subscribers.

Is there a limit to how many messages I can send?

Language models like Upwork Chat Pro have token limits, which means there are restrictions on the number of inquiries that the AI can process in a single interaction. You’ll be warned when you’ve used 75% of tokens, 95% of tokens, and when it’s the last message you can send for the month. Depending on what you ask Upwork Chat Pro, you’ll have about 100 messages each month.

When do I get a new allowance for monthly usage?

Your allowance refreshes each month from the day you begin using the tool. You’ll be warned when you’ve used 75% of tokens, 95% of tokens, and when it’s the last message you can send for the month. You'll have about 100 messages each month.

What do you use to train your model?

OpenAI trains the model, and we utilize it through their API. We recommend reviewing the OpenAI FAQs for more information.

Does Upwork Chat Pro use any of my Upwork information to source its content?

We tuned this model using proprietary data to make its answers relevant to freelancers on Upwork. However, Upwork Chat Pro does not use any of your information to source content (unless you enter it yourself).

Are there restrictions to what I can use this app for?

Always remember to follow our Terms of Service (TOS) when using this app. Never enter any sensitive material into Upwork Chat Pro, and don’t use this app on contracts when your client requests that you don’t.

Do I need to tell my clients I’m using Upwork Chat Pro?

We recommend that you inform your clients upfront about using generative AI technology on their projects, and ensure that they have not prohibited the use of all or certain generative AI tools for their projects. Learn more about using generative AI on Upwork.

Who can view my messages?

Messages with Upwork Chat Pro are subject to Upwork’s Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy. Clients or third parties can not view the messages, but our internal teams may view them if they need to handle a related dispute.

How is Upwork handling information that is input into Upwork Chat Pro? Is it secure?

When data is transferred within Upwork Chat Pro, it's secured with TLS encryption, a secure protocol that ensures your chat data remains confidential and protected from potential interceptions. See Upwork’s Privacy Policy here for more information.

Does this app have the same capabilities as OpenAI’s ChatGPT?

Upwork Chat Pro is an app created by Upwork, so it is not the same as ChatGPT. They are similar because both are powered by OpenAI’s models and have conversational interfaces. Upwork Chat Pro uses the GPT-4 model, which is the model that ChatGPT Plus is built on, so the capabilities and responses are likely to be similar. For Upwork Chat Pro, we have tuned the model further using proprietary data to make its answers relevant to freelancers on Upwork.

Why do I have to opt in to use this?

AI features on Upwork require certain data to function. With your permission, we use this data to enable AI features that aim to improve your experience and efficiency in getting work done. Learn more about controlling your AI preferences.

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