You know the value of freelancers who are perfect for your projects, and the importance of staying connected with them. Showing appreciation for a job well done is important, and bonuses are a great way to do just that. 

Bonuses thank your freelancer for going above and beyond, or to reimburse them for things like expenses. Bonuses are your choice and can be given at any time within 365 days of ending a contract. The bonus you award your freelancer is subject to Upwork’s freelancer service fees, just like other payments you make to them.

To give a bonus on an hourly contract:

  1. Go to Jobs > All Contracts
  2. Find the freelancer name/contract
  3. Select Give Bonus
  4. Fill out the form (you can add a private note and other details)
  5. Choose Make Payment


To give a bonus when paying for a fixed-price milestone:

  1. Select the contract from JobsMy Jobs and click Review & Pay
  2. Choose Approve & Pay
  3. Select the Add a Bonus checkbox and enter an amount
  4. Click Send Payment

To give a bonus on a fixed-price job without a milestone:

  1. Go to JobsAll Contracts to locate the freelancer
  2. Select Give Bonus from the (...) options menu
  3. Fill out the form and click Make Payment

Can I schedule a bonus payment?: Currently we don't have a feature to schedule out bonuses, they need to be processed or sent manually on the current date/day that you wish to give your bonus to your freelancers. Our advice would be to send the bonus earlier or after the holidays.

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