As part of our efforts to keep Upwork safe, secure, and fraud-free, we periodically ask users to go through identity checks. Freelancers can earn an “Identity Verified” badge to display on their Upwork profiles.

To earn the badge, eligible freelancers have to successfully pass two stages of verification:

  1. Provide a valid government-issued ID
  2. Complete a video verification call

You can complete this by going to Identity Verification in your User Settings.

How do I earn this badge?

If you are eligible, you’ll be notified upon log in to complete the verification process by uploading an official government-issued ID and meeting with us for a short video call. After we’ve confirmed your identity, the new badge will be displayed on your profile.

How is this badge displayed to clients?

The “Identity Verified” badge will appear as a checkmark next to a freelancer’s name.

How do I become eligible to earn this badge?

At this time, only invited freelancers will become eligible to earn the “Identity Verified” badge, though we do plan to expand this program in the future. When you become eligible, we will notify you upon login.

Why are you asking me to verify my identity again?

As part of our efforts to keep Upwork safe and fraud-free, we sometimes need to ask again. In this case, the badge is completely optional, as is the verification process to earn it.

What happens if I fail the verification process?

If you do not pass ID verification, you will not be able to receive a badge at this time.

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