Top Rated freelancers and agencies on Upwork can get paid sooner on hourly contracts.

With faster payouts, the typical 10-day wait for payment is cut in half for hourly contracts. Your client will still have 5 days to review your hours, but you will not have a 5-day security hold after your client releases payment.

Cleared payments are released on Fridays by 11:59 p.m., UTC.

I qualify for faster payouts. It's Friday, and I don't see my funds. Why?

Cleared payments are released on Fridays by 11:59 p.m., UTC. If your client pays later than 12:00 a.m. UTC, the payment will not be released early (even if the payment was successful and you qualify for faster payouts). If you live in another timezone, please calculate the time difference to determine when your payment will be available. We will email you after your payment is applied and ready to be withdrawn.

If you issued a partial refund for your client, the rest of their payment to you will not be released according to the faster payouts schedule. A payment impacted by a refund will be subject to the 10-day wait on payments.

How does it work?

As long as your client’s billing method can be charged successfully and they don’t dispute your hours, we will apply their payment to your Upwork account five days earlier than before if you are Top Rated. You can then withdraw the money anytime you prefer by clicking here and choosing “Get Paid Now.”

If you have an automatic payment schedule set up and want your earnings sooner, you also can use “Get Paid Now.”

Who is eligible?

We are rolling this out to the Upwork marketplace’s most successful freelancers and agencies -- those who are Top Rated.

Will this be more widely available in the future?

We will look at expanding this to other freelancers in the future. Stay tuned!

Will you take additional steps to help us get payments faster?

We have no plans to do so at this time. We do need to leave time for clients to review the hours you billed and your progress on the project.

Will the reduction on hold on funds be applied to fixed-price contracts?

The five-day security hold will still apply for fixed-price contracts. We are reviewing the impact of making these payments faster too; we will keep you posted.

Why doesn’t this apply to fixed-price contracts?

We wanted to quickly roll this out to as many freelancers as possible so we worked first to bring faster payments to hourly contacts since the majority of jobs on Upwork are hourly. In the future, we plan to look at ways to release payments for fixed-price contracts faster too. We will keep you posted.

Why is there a review/security-hold period in the first place?

There is inherent risk in payment processing, driven by the potential of fraud, disputes and chargebacks. We also want to give clients time to review their freelancer’s billed hours and project progress before a payment is released. That is why we established the 10-day review and security-hold period to begin with. But in these unusual times, we understand how important it is for you to get your money as quickly as possible. As a result, we are willing to take on additional risk and potential losses and remove the security-hold period for Top Rated freelancers and agencies so you can get your money five days sooner, if you choose.

I used faster payouts but my reports show the wrong payout date. Why?

If you qualify for faster payouts and you receive your funds five days earlier, your reports will still show the standard, 10-day payout date on a Wednesday. This is because we won’t know which payments will be released early until we review accounts every Friday morning (if your client disputes your hours or their payment fails, we can’t release your payment until the issue is resolved). As long as there’s no issues, your payment will be posted to your Upwork account on the Friday before the Wednesday date that is listed. For example, if your payment date is listed as Wednesday, July 15, and you qualify, you will receive it earlier on Friday, July 10.

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