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Sharing information is an important first step in any relationship formed through Upwork. Start working confidently with these best practices.

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 Documents, Files and Project Materials

Upwork offers many ways to share documents and files directly. 

Troubleshooting? Find our FAQ's and Pro Tips for sharing files and URLs here.


Upwork Message Center

Attach files directly in Upwork Messages. Drag and drop a file right into your message room, or use the attachment tool to the left of the message box. This will attach your file to the message, and anyone in the room can open it at any time.

You may also access these files quickly in the Files & Links sidebar in the Upwork Message Center. Choose the expansion button on the top right corner of the conversation.

At this time, your files must be smaller than 95 MB to use this feature.

Learn more about using Upwork Messages to collaborate here.


Dropbox is integrated directly with Upwork Messages. To access your Dropbox files, select the attachment symbol to the right of the message box and select Share via Dropbox. From here, you will be able to sign into your Dropbox account and select the files you wish to share.

Share Your Screen

If you make a video call through Upwork Messages, you can share your screen with anyone else on the call. This is a simple way to share information about a project and still control access to documents or materials that may be sensitive.

Once you have started a video call, select the screenshare icon at the bottom of the video. You can choose to share your whole screen, or select a particular window to show to participants on the call.

Send a Screenshot

You can share information with quick screenshots through the Upwork Desktop App. In the Message Center, simply select the tool button just left of Send in the message draft box.

Learn more about screenshots here.

Send Screen Recordings

Screen recordings are a great way to show someone your screen — to explain a certain task, for example — without having to be on a live video call. Upwork Messages rooms have a built-in screen recording service via Loom. 

Offer Systems Access

Many clients and freelancers use various project management, database, file-sharing, and storage systems to maintain their information. Users are free to share project-relevant information from these systems, including by providing direct access to these systems.

As with anyone you've just met, be cautious about sharing your personal or confidential information, including access to your private systems. Be careful with any sensitive content, and consider using limited permissions settings when possible.

Note: We only allow sharing systems access before a contract starts for project scoping, not communications. 


Sharing a portfolio is a very popular way for clients to learn about freelancers, and for freelancers to showcase their skills.

Portfolios display past work so that clients can see real examples of a freelancer's skills. A portfolio is not a listing of past jobs, a resume, a C.V., or a LinkedIn profile.

Freelancers might include contact information directly in their portfolios. It's still okay to share, just remember to keep all pre-contract communications on Upwork.


Portfolio Contents

Portfolios take many forms, such as:

  • A collection of logo designs
  • Past web pages or apps built
  • A series of translated documents
  • A personal website with work highlights
  • A PDF document
  • A web-based profile on another site, such as GitHub

Pro Tip: When sharing examples of past work in a portfolio on Upwork or anywhere else, freelancers should remember to protect both their own and their clients’ intellectual property. Be careful to only share materials with permission.

Upwork Portfolios

Upwork provides the ability for freelancers to create a customized portfolio to showcase past work right on our platform. You can learn more about this feature here.


Contact Information

Clear, open communication is important in any job. Use the Upwork Message Center to chat directly with clients, freelancers, and team members. 

Remember that it is against the Upwork Terms of Service to request or share contact information prior to the start of a contract, including profiles, proposals, job postings, and invites.


Upwork Message Center

You can chat in real time or leave messages for when a user comes online in the Upwork Message Center. Learn more about using Upwork Messages here.

Video and Voice Calls

Start a video or voice call right from the Upwork Message Center at any time. Learn how here.


Terms of Service


To help our users connect as safely as possible, we require that you do not request or share any contact information and keep all direct communications on Upwork until you start a contract. This means you cannot share your contact information in your profiles, proposals, job postings, invites, or other pre-hire contacts.

All introductions, interviews, and project scoping communications need to use Upwork's collaboration tools.


We provide secure tools for clients and freelancers to communicate directly from the Upwork platform. Once a freelancer accepts a client’s offer, you can choose to share your contact information and use other tools to manage your project, too.

We always recommend that users should be cautious when sharing any sensitive or personal information with anyone they do not know. Learn more about best practices for online safety here.


Details and Definitions 

Upwork Business and Enterprise Clients 

Upwork clients on Business or Enterprise plans are the only groups excepted from ths rule. These users may share or request contact information, and may conduct communication outside of Upwork before a contract is started.

Contact Information Definition 

You may not share any of your personal contact information with another user on Upwork prior to starting a contract. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Link to a contact form or form requesting contact information
  • Link to an applicant management system or means to submit a proposal or application outside of Upwork
  • Any handles, user names, or information that would enable a user to contact you on social media or another website or platform or application that includes a communications tool (Skype, Slack, or Wechat ID)
Permissible Information to Share

Many kinds of information can be helpful to share with a client or freelancer before a project begins. Project details, systems information, and relevant websites can all help freelancers and clients gather important information. Other types of information that could be shared include:

  • Portfolios and samples of past work
  • Website URLs that pertain to the project
  • Documents or files containing information about the project
  • Completed work from similar projects
  • Legal documents

Except as provided under "Exceptions," users should not include contact information or require contact information with these materials. All communications must take place on Upwork before a contract has started. If your portfolio or website contains contact information, you should advise your client or freelancer that they should only contact you through Upwork.

Other Exceptions

There are two cases when users may share their personal contact information before a contract begins.

  • If users must share or collect information for legal purposes prior to a contract starting that includes contact information, such as a non-disclosure agreement or proof of a business license
  • If users must provide their email address to gain access to a system for the purposes of scoping a project, such as a code repository or ad analytics account

In these cases, contact information is permitted to be shared, but all communication must still take place on Upwork. 


Can I create a contract for a test project and share my contact information?

Yes, you may create a test project contract in order for you and your client/freelancer to test whether the work relationship will work out. After the contract has started you are free to share contact information and communicate in the best way for the relationship.

What if my client or freelancer asks for my contact information before the contract starts?

Unless an exception applies, it is against the terms to request contact information from your client or freelancer before a contract starts. If a request is made, inform them that this is against Upwork’s Terms of Service and as such you cannot provide them with that information.

Can I use a scheduling system to coordinate a call time?

Yes, as long as you or the person you are scheduling with does not need to share their contact information to do so.

If I include a copy of my resume, can it include contact information?

No, except as provided above, any document you provide cannot include contact information. You must remove any such information from your resume before you send it to a client.

How can I identify if a client is on the Business or Enterprise plan?

In the job search feed results, the job preview will show the following symbol to clients as a Business or Enterprise client. This symbol, a light blue building, can also be seen on the right-hand side of the job post with other client details.

Can I share my contact information in a portfolio?

If your portfolio contains a way to contact you outside of Upwork, it is still okay to share that portfolio with your clients. However, all communication must take place on Upwork and we recommend you let your clients know you can only be contacted through Upwork.

The platform provides a space for me to include a link to my portfolio, is that okay?

Yes. Upwork provides a space for you to include a link to your external portfolio in your proposals and it is fine to share your external portfolio this way.

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