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By creating a project for Project Catalog, freelancers and agencies can craft clear, defined work with set timing, details, and pricing.
All projects are reviewed by our team for quality and professionalism. Once a project has been approved, you can highlight it on your profile!



We've also included some great perks with Project Catalog, such as:

Contract Cancellation Grace Period

Freelancers have a grace period to cancel a contract within its first 24 hours, without impact to their Job Success Score.

Feedback Removal

Freelancers enjoy "feedback removal" privileges for these projects, and can request removal of feedback for one Project Catalog contract, per month.


Build a Project

Freelancers and agencies can post up to 20 unique, feature-rich projects in Project Catalog at any one time.

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1. Open your Project Catalog Dashboard.

Sign in to Upwork. Select Find Work and choose My Project Dashboard.


You can also find the dashboard from your profile page. Scroll down and choose Manage Projects.

2. Start a new project.

Choose the green Create Project button to start a new project.PC.png

3. Add the details.

Freelancers and agencies can create up to 40 projects (only 20 can be posted/under review at one time). When you build a project, you'll want to add key details from the start.

  • Package tiers. Choose to build a single project with one tier, or add three different tiers to offer clients options in pricing and scope. 
  • Pricing. Each project has pre-set pricing that you choose! Project prices can range from as little as $5 to as much as $500,000.
  • Timing. Set a custom delivery time with Delivery Days for each project.
  • Revisions. Choose how many reviews and revisions a client will receive, from 0 to unlimited.
  • Client Requirements. As part of the package, include any requirements for information that you need from clients before starting work on the project.

Start by describing what you’ll do in the Project overview. Choose your details carefully, especially the project category. Clients won’t be able to find projects if they are not in the right category. You can also add custom search tags to tell clients exactly what you offer or what makes your project stand out.PC2.png
If you are an agency manager, this section is also where you will choose your billing account. You can start the project for yourself as a freelancer, as your agency, or as a subteam of your agency if applicable if you have teams.

4. Set the price and scope.

Because Project Catalog lists work on demand, it's important to decide the project pricing and scope right away. 

You can create different tiers for a single project to give clients options. You can choose to build tiers with different levels of service, Delivery Days, revisions, pricing, and more.

Remember that the Delivery Days for each project include the amount of time it will take you to deliver a complete project, starting after a client submits their requirements to you. You can still send revisions after the delivery date, but a client can request a refund for a project delivered too late.

For each tier that you create, you will need to choose project specifications, or specs. If you are uncertain about what a spec means or includes, you can hover over the spec name to see a more detailed explanation.

Once you have finished creating your project tiers, select the add-ons that you want to offer. Scroll down to the Choose add-ons section, just below the Price and scope.

Choose from pre-populated add-ons, or create your own custom add-on. To create your own, click the “Create custom add-on” button. Then add the title, description, price, and the number of additional days you will need to complete this add-on. You can create up to three custom add-ons.

Add-ons have one price per project. However, if you include extra-fast delivery as an add-on, you can customize the additional delivery days needed per tier.

PRO TIP: Create different tiers for a single project to give clients options. You can choose to build tiers with different levels of service, revisions, pricing, and more. Include add-ons for an even more customized experience.


image_copy.png Price_and_Scope.png


5. Create a gallery.

Your project will display with an image or a video, so it's important to add pictures and/or a video to your gallery. 

For best results with images, consider ones with a 4:3 aspect ratio that are less than 10 MB and under 4000 px in width or height. For video, we recommend including audio. If you are using your video as your cover, the first 5-10 seconds will play when clients hover over your project, so the first few seconds are really important.

When your project displays to a client, it looks like this. 

Click to enlarge, ESC to close.



The following types of images are not allowed, and might keep your project from being accepted to the program.

  • Low quality (pixelated, distorted, etc.)
  • Clickbait
  • Images with contact information
  • Any logos other than yours 
  • Text-heavy images
Note: One of the biggest reasons we can't approve a project is because of issues with the project's images. Please take a minute to carefully review the guidelines here so we can approve your project asap.
6. Describe the work.

The project description has three parts. You'll be able to add:

  1. Project summary, where you can explain what sets you and your project apart.
  2. Project steps, which are broken down into three parts:

    Requirements – Here's where you describe the information that you need from a client in order to begin the project. 
    Work steps – Here you break down your work process to help your client understand exactly what will happen from start-to-finish as you complete the project.
    Review and payment – This step is automatically built into the process, you do not have to add it. This is the point where you've submitted your work and the client is reviewing it before payment.
  3. Any frequently asked questions that you think a client may ask, with your answers to those questions.

Click to enlarge, ESC to close.

7. Add client requirements.

What information do you need to complete the project? The client requirements should answer any questions or provide any details you will need to complete the project.

Your client must send this information to you after purchasing your project, but before you start work. 


8. Submit your project.

When you’re finished drafting your project, submit it. You’ll see it display in the Under Review tab with a timestamp.


Click to enlarge, ESC to close.


We'll review for completeness and professionalism. And that’s it! You’ll be up and running and ready for clients to find you!

A project can be in one of three stages.

Click to enlarge, ESC to close.


  • Under Review/Pending Approval: Our team is reviewing for completeness and professionalism. You’ll be notified when the review is complete.

  • Approved/Accepted: Congratulations! The project will move to your active projects tab, and be switched on automatically. You’ll receive an email confirming that your project is live.

  • Needs Changes: Check your email for an update and suggestions from our team. You can choose to apply the notes and resubmit your project, or remove it and start a new one.


Preview or edit a project

You can preview or edit any approved project in your Project Catalog by choosing the three dots (...) button. From there, you can choose to Preview your project, Edit the details, or Remove it entirely.

Note: Approved Projects are automatically switched on for clients to purchase. If you don't want your project to be visible to clients, click the Visible toggle switch to turn it off temporarily.




Once your project is ready to go, you can share it on social media or with a dedicated link. 


Pro Tips

Is your project attractive to clients? Check out the following best practices to create a professional project, or explore the rest of our Pro Tips here!

  • DO choose professional images that speak to your work -- and be sure you have the right to publish them!
  • DO make the project easy to browse.
  • DO proofread your work. No typos, please!
  • DO carefully select your category. Your project won’t be accepted in the wrong category!
  • DO NOT use click bait, text-heavy graphics, or the Upwork logo/badge.
  • DO NOT share your contact information or personal information. 

We cannot advise on the price, scope, or substance of your project. That’s up to you!


Request Feedback Removal for a Project Catalog Project

Send an email to freelancersuccess@upwork.com. In your message, confirm:

  • The contract number where you would like to have feedback removed.
  • Specify JSS Only or Hide from Profile and JSS.
    • JSS Only – Your public work history won't change. Your profile will still show the public feedback rating, comment, and any response.
    • Hide on Profile and JSS – Your public work history will change. We'll hide the feedback rating and comment from your Work History and replace it with "This feedback has been removed."


Can agencies have projects on Project Catalog?

Yes, with limitations. Currently an agency manager can create a project that pays earnings to their agency. The feature is not available to all agency members yet, but more updates are coming in the future.

How do I add a project for my agency?

If you manage an agency, you will choose your billing account in the project overview section. You can choose to start the project as a freelancer or as an agency or agency sub-team, if applicable. Note that only agency managers can start an agency project.

Why can’t I create a project through my agency?

At this time, only agency managers can create agency projects. You can still create a project as a freelancer if you are not exclusive to an agency. If you are the agency manager and still having difficulty, please contact customer service for assistance.

How do I offer add-ons to my project?

On the pricing page, scroll down to the “Choose add-ons” section. Choose from pre-populated add-ons, or create your own customized add-on. To create your own, click the Choose add-ons button. Then add the title, description, price, and the number of extra days you will need to complete it.

How is the delivery date impacted with add-ons?

Thanks for your question. You can set how many additional days you will need to deliver the extra work. If a service will not impact your delivery date, set the additional day to zero.

How many custom add-on services can I add to my project?

You can add three customized add-ons to a project.

Can I set different add-on prices per project tier?

For most add-ons, the price is per project, not per tier. However, if you are offering extra-fast delivery as an add-on, you can customize your delivery date and price per tier.

What is “extra-fast delivery”?

Extra-fast delivery means that you will finish the work more quickly than usual. For example, say you have a starter package for logo design that includes a 3D mockup and you’ve listed delivery days as “5.” As an add-on, you can offer delivery in 3 days.

What happens if I edit an active project to include add-ons? Does it need to be re-reviewed?

We will re-review your project. However, while we are reviewing it, clients will still be able to see it in search and purchase it.

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