As a freelancer, you already know that showing examples of your past work is one of the best ways to attract clients and help them decide whether your skills, style, and experience matches their needs.

That’s why we designed Project Catalog to let you show samples of your written work to prospective clients, as well as pictures and a video.

Writing samples, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and brochures are just a few examples of work you might showcase in the Gallery section of your project.

Choose your work sample:

Your work samples must be a PDF, and you can add up to two files that are less than 2 MB each. We don’t limit the number of pages, but we will only show a preview of the first three pages. So, be sure to include samples that showcase your best work in those.

Be sure to only add samples of your original work that you still own and that don’t violate confidentiality agreements you may have with previous clients. Also, only include work that relates to the specific service you’re offering in your project.

Prepare your PDF

We recommend giving your PDF a title so clients can see what it’s about at a glance. If you’re offering a service in a language other than English, we suggest that you write details in English as well as in the language you support.

Be sure to proofread and consider having someone else look over the PDF as well. It’s also smart to make sure that the PDF is visually attractive and easy to read. Look it over one last time to be sure that the:

  • Page is visually crisp and clear (not blurry)
  • Print is large enough to read without zooming
  • Fonts are accessible and easy to read

Note: Your PDF can’t be the project’s cover — you will still need to add a picture or video. Since that cover image will be the first thing your clients see, make sure it is high-quality. Learn more about creating picture-perfect images and videos here.


We review all projects before they are available to buy. Be sure to follow the best practices described above and avoid the following issues that might keep your project from being approved:

  • Low visual quality (blurry, print that is difficult to read)
  • Clickbait (shocking or misleading wording designed to catch attention so that people will open a link to content)
  • Including your contact information (such as phone number, email)
  • Showing any logos other than logos you own
  • Violating policy (including inappropriate language or plagiarism)
  • Content that doesn’t represent the type of work you are offering

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add work samples other than pictures and a video?
You can add up to two PDF files that are less than 2 MB each. However, the PDF cannot be your project cover. You will still need to add a picture or video for your cover.
What kind of work can I display with a PDF?
You can use a PDF to display examples of your work, such as writing samples, presentations, spreadsheets, brochures, or other materials that you have created.
What documents can I add to my project to show samples of my written work?
You can add two PDF files that are less than 2 MB each to display written work. We don’t limit the page number, but we only display the first three pages to prospective clients in the preview of your PDF. Also, the sample that you add needs to be related to the specific service that you are offering in your project.
Do you have any recommendations to make my PDF more successful with clients?
Yes, there are several things you can do to make your PDF more likely to attract new clients. Add a descriptive title so that clients can see what the PDF is about at a glance. Only use samples that relate to the specific service you are offering. If you are offering a service in a language other than English, consider writing details in English as well. Proofread the PDF for any errors before adding it. Make sure the PDF is easy to read — that the print is large enough and not blurry.
Where will clients be able to see my PDF work samples?
Clients can preview your work sample in the project tile while browsing Project Catalog and on the project details page.
Why was my project rejected after I added a PDF?
We will reject a project if it includes a PDF that contains your contact information or violates our policy. The PDF sample also has to relate to the specific service that you are offering in your project.

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