Not seeing this option on job posts? No worries! Our beta testing of the feature has ended and we are reviewing the results and feedback, and plan to re-launch boosted proposals in the coming months. We will keep you posted!


With boosted proposals, when you see a perfect job opportunity you can use Connects to move your proposal to the top of the list. We use an auction to determine which proposals to boost. Freelancers who bid the highest number of Connects will have their proposal in the top slots and marked with a blue lightning bolt and “Highly Interested”:


How it works

  1. Find. You see a job post that is a perfect match for your skills and experience.
  2. Decide. If you really value the job, you can bid to “boost” your proposal. (It’s always optional and clients will still receive your proposal if you don’t boost it.) 
  3. Bid. Set the maximum number of Connects you’re willing to spend to win one of top spots as a Boosted Proposal. 
  4. See auction results. If you’ve bid enough (more than other freelancers), we’ll highlight your proposal to the client by adding a “Highly Interested” icon with a blue lightning bolt. If you are outbid your proposal will not be promoted or will be moved down the list.


I don’t see the option to boost my proposal. Why?
This was a test feature that we ran for a limited amount of time. Our test has ended for now so we can study the results and learn. We plan to re-launch boosted proposals in the coming months. We will keep you posted!

I submitted a boosted proposal before the feature test ended. Now what?
If you submitted a boosted proposal before Oct. 13 that is currently active, these will remain in progress for the seven-day auction period, or until someone is hired.


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