Now that you have purchased your project, there are some steps you can take to help make it a success. 


The most important part of any project is communication. Keeping the conversation open can help avoid misunderstandings and make you more likely to be satisfied with your project’s end result.

If you have any questions about the project, don’t hesitate to ask your freelancer. In return, take time to answer any questions your freelancer has and provide feedback as needed. 

Sending Requirements

Before the freelancer can begin, you must send the requirements they requested in the project steps. 

You have 48 hours after purchase to provide what the freelancer needs to do the work. If you are unable to do so, we will automatically cancel the project.

You can see a description of the requirements in the first step under Steps for completing your project. The freelancer may also give you more detailed instructions at the time of purchase — for example, they may have a questionnaire for you to complete.

Requirements are specific to your project and vary depending on the work. For example, a website creator may ask for detailed information about your business, clients, keywords, and competitors, as well as your logo and any visuals you want to include. A video editor will need the video to get started. A data analysis expert will need the data you want analyzed.

The clock for delivery time starts when you send your requirements. For example, if your project promises a 5-day delivery time, then the 5 days begins the moment you send the requested materials and information (not on the day of purchase).

Reviewing and Approving Your Project

When your freelancer submits the work, you’ll have a chance to review it before releasing the payment to them. 
You have 14 days to review and either request changes or release the payment. If you do not take any action within 14 days, we will consider that approval of the project and release the payment to the freelancer.

Cancellation and Disputes

Most of the time, projects go smoothly and have a positive outcome.

However, if you realize that you have made a mistake in your purchase, your freelancer is non-responsive after your purchase, or they can’t meet the promised deadline, you have 24 hours to cancel the project and get a full refund.
If the freelancer has already delivered the work, we encourage you to talk to them about why you are dissatisfied and try to resolve the issue. If you can’t reach an agreement on improvements to the project, you can still cancel. However, the freelancer may dispute the cancellation and request payment for the work that they completed.

If your freelancer files a dispute, you must respond within 5 business days or we will release the funds that we are holding in escrow to the freelancer. You can learn more about responding to a dispute here. 

Providing Feedback

After the project is completed, you’ll have the opportunity to complete public and private feedback of your freelancer’s work. Your freelancer will also have the chance to provide feedback for you. You each have 14 days to do so.

The process is double-blind — meaning your freelancer won’t see the feedback you leave unless they have left feedback for you or the 14-day feedback period has ended. You also won’t see their feedback until after you have left yours or after 14 days. 

Learn more about leaving feedback on a project or contract here.



What are the requirements in a Project Catalog project?

The requirements are the items and information that your freelancer needs from you to begin the work. These vary depending on the work being done and are explained in the first step under Steps for completing your project.

Here are a few examples of things a freelancer might need from you: A video editor would need the video you want edited; a data analyst would need you to provide the data or access to the data; a website builder for your business will need detailed information, logos, and any visuals you are contributing to create the site. 


When do I need to submit the requirements?

You have to submit the requirements within 48 hours of purchasing your project. Note that if you do not do so, we will automatically cancel your project.


How long do I have to review the final submission of work?

You have 14 days to review your freelancer’s final submission. During that time you can either ask for changes or approve release of payment. If you do nothing, we will consider that as approval and release the payment after 14 days.


Why was my project order cancelled after I purchased it?

Your order can be cancelled for two reasons. The freelancer has the option to cancel within the first 24 hours of receiving the requirements that they requested in the Steps to complete your project. We will cancel the order if you do not submit those requirements within 48 hours of ordering the project. In both cases, we will refund your money in up to five business days.

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