To keep your projects organized, all your Project Catalog work can be tracked in the workroom.

How it works:

  • The workroom provides clarity on the Project Catalog process for you and your client. You can see where you are in the process, whether or not you’re waiting on the client, and next steps you can take.
  • The steps and requirements that you built into your project when creating it will appear in the timeline for each order. As you work, you can check off specific tasks you’ve completed to keep the client informed and keep yourself organized.
  • Each order has its own workroom.
  • You will manage each order, submit work, keep track of revisions, and add attachments through the workroom.

To access the workroom:

  1. Go to Find Work
  2. Select My Jobs > All Contracts
  3. Select the relevant order

Submitted requirements

The first section includes the submitted requirements you requested from the client. When the client submits their requirements, you will be able to easily access those here at the top of the workroom. The arrow on the right side allows you to hide the section if you don’t need it.



Clients need to submit requirements within 48 hours of purchasing an order. We highly encourage you to wait until requirements are submitted before starting the work.

Project timeline

The project timeline section shows the requirements and the steps that you built into your project. The timeline lists the steps in the order you created them. A green circle with a check mark means the step has been completed. Due dates are listed here and you’re able to help the client follow along with your project by marking specific steps as completed.

Mark all your tasks complete as you go by clicking inside the box next to each task. To submit your work, simply choose the Submit Work button. Your client will be notified and have an opportunity to review the work. You can resubmit the work here too, if needed.

If you’ve built revisions into your work, you can see how many are remaining and continue to submit work in the timeline after you submit your initial draft.



The client’s requirement submission, review, and approval are steps that are already built into the process. You won’t need to build these in your Project Catalog project steps.

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