You must be logged into your Upwork account to access the appeal form below. If you aren’t able to log into your account due to a permanent suspension, you will need to reply to the email we sent to you at the time your account was suspended.

The Trust & Safety team is committed to making Upwork a safe and trusted place to do business, enabling everyone in our community to thrive. This is why we ask you to follow a set of rules, including our Terms of Service, or TOS. Our team will identify and review anything or anyone that could damage trust in Upwork (whether the target is you, other users, or the platform itself) when not following the TOS.


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Why might my Upwork account be suspended?

We may suspend accounts that violate our Terms of Service. You can read about our most important policies to learn which account activities and behaviors are off-limits.

Depending on the severity of the violation and its impact on the Upwork community and platform integrity, we may suspend your account by either restricting it with a temporary hold or permanently blocking you from using Upwork. Accounts may be suspended due to a single violation or repeated violations. You can learn more about Trust & Safety actions here.

If we suspend your account, we will send you an email with all the details to the email address you used to register with Upwork. You will also receive a notice when you try to log in. If you do not find an email from us but your account appears to be suspended, please make sure to check your spam folder.


What happens while my Upwork account is suspended?

If your account is restricted with a temporary hold while we review it, you will still be able to log into Upwork and manage/complete any current work. You will not be able to post any jobs, submit proposals, start any new contracts or withdraw funds. Typically, we will reactivate your account when you fix the problem outlined in our email and commit to following our TOS in the future.

If the offense is serious enough or if you've repeatedly violated our TOS, we may permanently block your account. In this case, you will not be able to log into your account and are no longer allowed to use Upwork.


Can an account suspension be appealed?

Yes! If you believe we made a mistake, we hope you’ll reach out. There are two ways:

  1. Reply to the email we sent you. This is the quickest way to start an appeal.
  2. Use the form below. Can’t find the email we sent you? No worries, you can use the link below to contact us. Note: You'll need to be logged into your Upwork account to access the form.

Keep in mind, submitting an appeal doesn’t guarantee reinstatement of your account. The appeal only ensures that we will review your account history and information to determine the status of your account.

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What happens after I file an appeal?

Our Trust & Safety team will review your appeal and your account history, and email you with a final decision. We want to be thorough, so please give us 48 hours to review and reply back to you.

If we determine that your account will remain permanently blocked, the decision will be final, meaning you cannot appeal it.

Learn more about how our Trust and Safety team protects you (and how you can help) here.

Need help logging in?

If your account wasn’t suspended and you’re still having trouble logging in to Upwork, read our tips for common login issues.

Want to learn more about how we protect and store your personal information?

You can learn more and access the data request form in our Privacy Center.

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