M-Pesa allows you to transfer your earnings to your bank account, withdraw cash, and pay for some goods and services with your mobile device. Upwork currently only offers M-Pesa as a withdrawal method for freelancers in Kenya.

To add M-Pesa

  1. Go to Settings Get Paid Add Method
  2. Click the Set Up button for M-Pesa
  3. Enter the details for your M-Pesa account and click Add M-PESA account

Note: Your first and last name must exactly match the name on your M-Pesa account and your verified name on Upwork.

For security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three days. Please ensure you have registered and activated your M-Pesa account before you add your M-Pesa information on Upwork.

M-Pesa is a third-party payment vendor. Their features and fees vary depending on how you choose to withdraw your funds from your M-Pesa account as well as the amount you choose to transfer.

How do I edit my payment method?
  1. Go to Settings Get Paid
  2. Under Payment Methods, find the one you want to edit
  3. Click Edit from the (...) options menu
  4. Edit your information and click Save Changes

Email addresses, bank account numbers, and bank codes can't be edited. You must add a new payment method if these change. Don't forget to remove the old payment method at that time, too.

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