In most cases, your payment transfers immediately. However, there are occasions when it may take up to 5 business days to receive your payment. If it has been more than five business days, please contact us.


In addition to what Upwork charges, there may be additional costs on M-Pesa's side. M-Pesa's outgoing fees vary by method and amount. Please check with M-Pesa for fees.


Upwork currently offers M-Pesa as a payment method for freelancers in Kenya only. The following restrictions apply:

  • You must use your own registered M-Pesa account
  • M-Pesa has a current maximum of 70,000 KES per transaction. Their maximums may change at any time and without notice; please check with M-Pesa for their most current maximums

Add M-Pesa as a payment method and check Upwork's per-transfer fees here. Click the Add Payment Method button to see all your options and pricing.

Learn more about M-Pesa here

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