Already discussing next steps with a current or past freelancer, or a freelancer you’re messaging on a project or consultation offering on Project Catalog? They can speed up the process by creating a contract for your consideration. You can then approve the terms and send them a final offer for acceptance.

Any time a freelancer or agency proposes a new contract, we automatically notify you both by email and via Upwork Messages. You will also see it listed for review on My Jobs in your Pending Contracts.

If a freelancer or agency proposes a new contract, you have 3 options:

  • Approve the proposal
  • Make a counteroffer (edit this offer)
  • Decline the proposal


While a freelancer you’ve worked with before can propose a contract on their own, you can ask them to create a contract for review if they have an active or past contract with you or offer a project or consultation on Project Catalog.

For freelancers on Project Catalog you haven’t worked with before, you’ll need to start the process by messaging them from their project or consultation offering. A freelancer who hasn't worked with you and who isn’t on Project Catalog won’t have the option to propose a contract — to work with them, you can create a job post and invite them to your job.

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