We know how important it is for you, as a freelancer, to put your best foot forward with potential clients. That’s why we support testimonials, a way to highlight the awesome work you’ve done outside of Upwork with testimonials straight from your clients! When you’ve done a great job, this is a quick, simple way to showcase it, right on your Upwork profile.

Request a testimonial

  1. Go to Settings, then My Profile
  2. Scroll down to the “Testimonials” section
  3. Click on “Request a testimonial”
  4. Enter your client’s contact information, including a link to their LinkedIn account

Once you’ve completed your part, we’ll email your request to your client and let you know when we hear back

Important to Know

  • You can reach out to any former client, on Upwork or beyond
  • Each client can only provide one testimonial, no matter how many times you’ve worked together. You can’t send more than one request to any email address
  • You must provide the client’s LinkedIn profile information
  • It takes time for our team to process and validate every request, so you may have to wait a few days for the testimonial to display on your profile
  • You can send up to 20 testimonial requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my client’s testimonial get rejected?

To ensure trust and quality in our marketplace, we can only approve testimonials from clients when we have sufficient evidence that the contact information is valid. In this case, we may not have been able to find sufficient information. You can try requesting another from a different client.

My client doesn't have a LinkedIn account. Are clients required to have a LinkedIn account for their testimonials to get approved?

Yes, they need to have a LinkedIn profile.

Is this available to agencies?

Yes, this feature is intended to be used by both individual freelancers and agency freelancers.

I have privacy concerns with sharing my client’s LinkedIn profile/requested information with you. Can I submit a request while omitting this detail?

Unfortunately not, all fields need to be filled in order for a request to be submitted. Please note that any information you submit to Upwork is processed by Upwork in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Do these testimonials impact my Job Success Score?


How do you verify that a testimonial is legitimate?

We have tools and a system in place to review and check the validity of the testimonials. To better ensure the integrity of our review, we do not share the details of our process. Thank you for understanding.

Is there a limit to how many testimonial requests you can send?

Yes, there is a limit of 20.

Can I delete a testimonial from a client?

At this time you can hide it from your profile, but not remove it. To hide a testimonial, select “OFF” under “Visibility.”

Can I request testimonials from past Upwork clients?

The Work History section of your profile reflects your experience with Upwork clients and the Testimonials section is intended to reflect your experience with clients outside of Upwork. That said, we do allow testimonials from clients you've worked with on Upwork.

Can I edit a testimonial from a client? There’s a typo/error.

At this time you cannot edit a testimonial. Please contact Upwork Support, we will be happy to help you!

I made a mistake filling out the request for a testimonial. What should I do?

Please contact Upwork Support, we are here to help!

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