Enable Third-Party Cookies in Supported Browsers

Like most sites, Upwork employs cookies on our pages. We know that your privacy is important to you so we only use them when it’s important to do so — such as for personalizing content or analytics.

In order for our site to function properly when you use it, you must have third-party cookies enabled on your browser. If you are using a browser without cookies enabled, you may get an error message.

To access the full functionality of our site and to stop getting errors, you should ensure that you have cookies enabled on your preferred browser. The process for enabling cookies varies slightly depending on which browser you are using.

Google Chrome

To enable cookies on Google Chrome
  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. At the top right, choose the Customize and control button Chrome control button then choose Settings Chrome settings button.
    Chrome Settings menu
  3. Go to Privacy and security, choose Cookies and other site data
  4. Select Allow all cookies
    Chrome Allow cookies


To enable cookies in Firefox
  1. Open Firefox
  2. Select the Menu button (three stacked lines, in the top right corner)
  3. From the menu, select Settings
    Firefox Settings menu
  4. Select Privacy & Security
    Firefox Privacy & security option
  5. Scroll to Cookies and Site Data and choose Manage Exceptions
    Firefox Manage Exceptions
  6. Type in Upwork.com, press Allow, and choose Save Changes
    Firefox Allow Upwork cookies

Microsoft Edge

To enable third-party cookies in Edge
  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Select Menu (3 dots icon on top right corner of the browser), go to Settings and choose Privacy, search and services
    Edge Settings and Privacy option
  3. Choose Cookies and site permissions in the panel
    Edge Cookies and permissions
  4. Go to Manage and delta cookies and site data and untoggle Block third-party cookies
    Edge third-party cookies


Enable third-party cookies in Safari

To enable cookies in Safari:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Select the Safari tab at the top left and select Preferences from the dropdown menu
    Safari Preferences menu
  3. Click the Privacy tab and ensure that the Prevent cross-site tracking check box is unchecked
    Safari privacy tab

Safari on iOS

To enable cookies in Safari on iOS
  1. Navigate to your phone’s Settings menu and select Safari
    Safari iOS Settings menu
  2. Untoggle Prevent Cross-Site Tracking and untoggle Block All Cookies
    Safari iOS cross-site tracking

To enable third-party cookies on Safari iOS 10.3.2 and earlier:

  1. Navigate to your phone’s Settings menu and select Safari
    Safari iOS Settings menu 10.3.2 or earlier
  2. Set the Block Cookies option to Always Allow
    Safari iOS cookies option

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