At times a freelancer or agency might want to change the feedback they left for you. In order to edit their feedback, they must contact you and request your permission to do so.

Please be very careful about enabling feedback changes because it gives a freelancer or agency the ability to raise or lower your score, as well as change any comments. You will have 14 days to consider the request and such changes are only allowed one time, per contract.

To allow feedback changes

  1. Go to the Freelancers  Hires.
  2. Click their contract title to see all the details.
  3. In the Feedback section, click the Enable freelancer to change feedback link.

Due to the double-blind feedback system, the option to enable changes will not be available until after they have left feedback for you, or until the 14-day feedback period closes, whichever comes first.

Please note that changes can only be made to public feedback. Private feedback remains on file, and cannot be edited.

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