How we use client feedback to maintain marketplace quality

Trust and Safety is a top priority for Upwork, and our goal is to help you find skilled freelancers who can get your work done while maintaining a safe and trusted marketplace.

One of the ways we build and maintain our trusted marketplace is by providing freelancers and clients ways to rate and review each other at the end of a project, so you both can share positive and negative experiences you had over the course of a contract.

When freelancers receive multiple instances of negative feedback, we may place a temporary hold on their Upwork accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as negative feedback?

Contracts where clients report negative feedback around a freelancer’s stated skills, experience, availability, or the actual performance during the contract period are counted as negative feedback.

Can I change feedback that I’ve given to a freelancer?

You can change public feedback once a freelancer agrees. Learn more about how freelancers can enable clients to change feedback. Private feedback cannot be changed.

Can a freelancer remove or hide negative feedback they’ve received from clients?

Freelancers have a couple options when they receive feedback they may disagree with. Learn more about freelancers’ options for responding to or reporting feedback.

What happens if a freelancer receives multiple instances of negative feedback?

If multiple clients express dissatisfaction with a freelancer's performance, the freelancer will receive a notification of a 14-day Upwork account hold. During the hold, freelancers can’t accept new contracts, submit proposals, and won’t appear in search. However, this hold doesn’t impact existing contracts. Freelancers can and should continue to fulfill existing commitments. Negative feedback is visible on the freelancer’s profile and also will be reflected in their Job Success Score.

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