Respond to or Dispute Feedback

If you have a problem with the feedback you receive, you have two options:

  1. Respond – Must be done within 28 days of the contract ending.
  2. Dispute – Only available under limited circumstances. In the majority of cases, it isn’t possible to dispute feedback.


You have the opportunity to respond to any feedback comment. Your response will be visible only to the freelancer and not to anyone looking at your history. You may only post one response to feedback, and once submitted, it can't be edited.

To Respond:

  1. Go to the Freelancers > Past Hires.
  2. Select the freelancer who left feedback for you from the list. Click their contract title to see all the details.
  3. In the Terms & Settings section, click Respond. Once submitted, the response can't be edited.


Feedback represents the user's opinion and because of this, Upwork can't edit these comments or scores, nor can we investigate them for accuracy. Please try to work out any feedback issues you have with your freelancer directly. If the freelancer agrees to revise their comments or scoring, you can enable feedback changes from within the contract.

If the issue can’t be resolved with the freelancer and you feel you have received feedback that violates the Upwork's Terms of Service, please contact Customer Support by clicking here. For your dispute to be considered by Upwork, you must include a detailed discussion of the contract and a written statement describing how the feedback violates Upwork's Terms (most relevant violations are listed in the Terms of Use).

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