Finding the right person for your job is the key to a successful contract, and interviewing before you hire can save you time and money down the road.

Begin an interview message thread

  1. Go to Jobs   My Jobs and open the job post
  2. From Review Proposals click the Send Message button to contact the freelancer or agency

Once you complete this process, the applicant is moved automatically to your Messaged section for further review. Your message thread will embed in the proposal view.

From this point, you can continue communicating through Upwork Messages and set up a time to interview. Learn about our best practices for video interviews, sharing files, and more here

This is your opportunity to decide if it’s the right match and negotiate the terms of the contract before making an offer to the freelancer or agency.


To help our users connect as safely as possible, we require that you do not request or share any contact information and keep all direct communications on Upwork until you start a contract. This means you cannot share your contact information in your profiles, proposals, job postings, invites, or other pre-hire contacts.

All introductions, interviews, and project scoping communications need to use Upwork's collaboration tools.


We provide secure tools for clients and freelancers to communicate directly from the Upwork platform. Once a freelancer accepts a client’s offer, you can choose to share your contact information and use other tools to manage your project, too.

We always recommend that users should be cautious when sharing any sensitive or personal information with anyone they do not know. Learn more about best practices for online safety here.


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