Manage Teams Within Your Company

A client uses a company to hire freelancers. A team is a division within a company used to separate contracts for organizational or reporting purposes. Each team will have its own set of members, permissions, jobs, and reports.

  • Create another company
  • Create another team within a company
  • Hide an extra team
  • Move someone to a different team

Create another company

If you are hiring on behalf of multiple businesses, you should create another company instead of another team. Each company will be kept completely separate and you'll switch between them using a drop-down account selector. Payment methods, reports, jobs, and work histories cannot be shared across companies. Companies cannot be combined later, so do not create another one unless you are absolutely certain this is what you need.To create another company:

  1. Click the Account menu and choose Settings.
  2. Click Create a New Account, choose New Client Account, then fill out the form.

Create another team within a company

Each company starts out with one team. If you need more, you as company owner can file a request to enable this feature. In general, only larger companies with multiple managers will need to create more teams. If you just want to divide up your freelancers' work for reporting purposes, we strongly recommend you use Activities rather than more teams.

To create another team:

  1. Contact Customer Support by clicking here to discuss your team management needs. Once they enable this option for your company, you can add as many teams as necessary without contacting them again.
  2. Click the Account menu and choose Settings.
  3. Click the Create a New Team button at the top of that page and fill in the form.

Hide an extra team

If you have a team that you are not currently using you can hide it so it will not appear in your list of teams nor on other Upwork pages. When you hide a team, it will completely disappear from your Upwork user interface, except for the Teams Settings page. However, the team will be ready and waiting if you ever want it back.

To hide a team you no longer need:

  1. End any contracts and remove other team members.
  2. Click the Account menu, choose Settings, then Teams.
  3. Find the team you want to hide and click Hide Team.

Note: It is not possible to hide the original team that was automatically created along with your company.

To unhide your team:

  1. Click the Account menu, choose Settings, then Teams.
  2. Find the team you want to unhide and click Show Team.

Move someone to a different team

There is no "switch team" option, but you can add someone to a different team and remove them from the original team (or keep them in both teams).

To move a hired freelancer from one team to another:

  1. Talk to the freelancer so they understand that you're just moving their contract, not ending the relationship. Give them a chance to finalize their Work Diary before it's locked or submit their current milestone.
  2. End the contract in the old team.
  3. Rehire the freelancer into the new team.

To move a team member with management permissions:

  1. Get the email address associated with the person’s Upwork account.
  2. Click the Accounts menu, choose Settings, and then select Members & Permissions.
  3. Choose the new team in the selector.
  4. Click the Invite a New User button and fill out the form.
  5. Switch to the old team in the selector.
  6. Find the team member you want to remove and select the Remove from Team checkbox in the last column.

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