This new plan is a beta feature, meaning it isn’t available to everyone yet. Stay tuned for updates!

Business Plus is a membership plan that helps you hire more efficiently with access to the top 1% of talent on Upwork and on demand hiring support. There’s no upfront commitment, so you can hire with ease and get work done faster.

You'll have access to the self-serve, intuitive experience of Upwork's talent marketplace, coupled with additional services and features to help clients efficiently find, hire, and pay top talent. Instead of a monthly subscription fee, Business Plus plan members pay service charges of up to 10% on payments to freelancers.

Benefits of Business Plus

Business Plus builds on the additional features and services already available on Upwork's talent marketplace:

  • Instant access through search and your dashboard to Expert-Vetted freelancers, the top 1% of talent on Upwork, pre-screened by our Talent Managers and experts in their field
  • Curated talent list in two business days
  • On-demand services to help you onboard and hire including project scoping support, new user onboarding training, and much more. As a Business Plus client, your team has access to one job post review and one shortlist for each job post
  • 24/7 personalized customer support
  • Additional reporting and dashboard insights
  • Coming soon: Net 30 payment terms that give you flexible payment options, requiring an application and approval. Join the waitlist here

Business Plus fees

There is no monthly subscription fee for Business Plus and you won’t be subject to the Marketplace plan’s Contract Initiation Fees. Instead, you’ll pay Upwork 10% of your payments to freelancers. We offer a discounted Business Plus Fee of 8% for eligible clients in the U.S. who pay with a checking account.

You may be subject to additional fees, depending on how you use Upwork. Learn more about the fees to use Business Plus here.

Change your membership to Business Plus

Only admins on a client account change a membership. If you don’t have owner or admin full permissions, you won’t be able to change the membership plan for your company.

  1. Go to Settings > Membership Settings
  2. Choose Upgrade membership
  3. Select Confirm. Your membership plan will change immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in Marketplace, Business Plus and Enterprise plans?

The Marketplace plan includes:

  • Upwork’s global freelance marketplace
  • Access to AI-powered features
  • Collaboration and project tracking tools
  • Standard reporting
  • Flexible payment options

Business Plus includes everything in Marketplace, and also:

  • Access to Expert-Vetted talent
  • Training, project scoping, sourcing services
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Dashboard and reporting insights
  • Coming soon: Net 30 payment terms by application

Enterprise includes everything in Business Plus, and also:

  • Dedicated account and program management
  • SSO and integrations
  • Approvals and custom workflows
  • Customized invoicing
  • Compliance services subscription

Learn more and upgrade your membership here.

How much does Business Plus cost?

Business Plus is free to join, and when you hire on Upwork, you pay a 8 or 10% Business Plus fee on all payments that you make to freelancers for fixed-price and hourly projects, Project Catalog projects, and bonuses.
There is no commitment or subscription fee, plus no Contract Initiation Fees, making it easy for you to start now. Learn more about the fees to use Business Plus here.

What is the difference in the amount of support I receive with Business Plus?

Upwork Business plans give you access to the same elevated level of customer support service as Enterprise. You’ll get expedited responses, plus phone and ticket support.

As you begin, you can take advantage of new user onboarding training for each team member.

You’ll also unlock the opportunity to partner with Talent Specialists, our internal team, to help source and shortlist talent.

What is Expert-Vetted talent and how do I hire them?

To earn an Expert-Vetted badge, freelancers go through a pre-screening process with our Talent Managers that evaluates their expertise and soft skills. Expert-Vetted badges are only available for certain work categories, and the badge only displays to Business Plus and Enterprise clients.

You can find Expert-Vetted talent by using a search filter or on your client dashboard.

How do I get access to training, project scoping, and sourcing services?
  • Training and onboarding services can be accessed through your dashboard, on the home page
  • Project scoping can be requested as you post a job
  • Talent sourcing can be accessed as you post a job, or through your proposal manager in any open job post
How do I access the 24/7 premium support?

Choose Help ? in your navigation bar to access support, or file a ticket through your dashboard or the chat widget. Contact support if you have an individualized question about your account, or search our help articles to learn more about Upwork and its features.

What are the exclusive dashboard and reporting insights?

Your dashboard, located on your home page, gives you quick access to user and team activity, weekly spend, your active contracts, and more.

Reporting insights, found within the Reports tab of your navigation bar, give you detailed information about your time and spend on Upwork. As a Business Plus client, you’ll have access to talent performance reports and contract audits.

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