Get Paid for Hourly Contracts

  • To bill your clients for an hourly contract, use the Upwork Desktop App to log time to your Work Diary. This is the only way to qualify for the Upwork Hourly Protection. Your Work Diary may also include manual time.
  • To review your earnings and transactions go to your Reports.
  • To set up a payment method and schedule, or to withdraw your earnings now, go to Settings > Get Paid.
  • A note for agency members—All of your contracts are paid to your agency. You'll need to arrange payment from your agency directly.

Hourly Billing

Your clients are automatically invoiced and billed for your hours according to the weekly billing cycle. Once your earnings are available in your balance you will receive your funds using the payment method and schedule you set up. 

If you log time over the weekly limit it won't be invoiced to your client, but they can see it in your Work Diary. You can negotiate a bonus payment for that time, if your client agrees.

Hourly contracts follow the Upwork weekly schedule whether your contract is active or ended. Any time in this week's Work Diary will post as pending on your Reports > Transaction History next Monday.

Manual Payments

Clients can issue a bonus payment to you manually at any time while the contract is active. As long as there are no problems with the client's billing method, these manual earnings will become available after the five-day security period. Bonus payments are optional and therefore do not qualify for Hourly Protection.

Recurring Additional Weekly Billing

Some contracts may also include a weekly payment in addition to, or instead of, your billed hours. A weekly payment is an automatic, recurring payment for a specific amount. The client is invoiced this amount each week in addition to the billable hours in your Work Diary.

  • It is possible to be paid solely on a flat weekly payment basis if you and your client agree. Your client will probably also set your weekly limit to zero.
  • The weekly payment terms are set in the Advanced Options when the client makes you a contract offer. To add, remove, or change the amount of your weekly payment, your client must end your contract and rehire you with different terms.
  • If a contract is paused for any period of time in the week, including because of a dispute, the corresponding weekly payment won't be issued.
  • The percentage of the weekly rate paid to you on the first week of a contract depends on the day the contract began:
    • Monday – 100%
    • Tuesday – 80%
    • Wednesday – 60%
    • Thursday - 40%
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 20%
  • The percentage of the weekly rate paid to you on the final week of a contract depends on the day the contract ends:
    • Monday – 20%
    • Tuesday – 40%
    • Wednesday – 60%
    • Thursday - 80%
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 100%

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