Bank Account or Payment Method Under Different Name

To help safeguard our users, we require your name to match the name on any bank accounts or payment methods you intend to use. To set up payment, you must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer on the chosen account, or be able to demonstrate that you are authorized by the business to do so. The listed name on the account must match your verified name on Upwork.

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What to do if the names don’t match

The Upwork account support team actively reviews verified name mismatches. In some cases, they can resolve name discrepancies. Those scenarios are:

  • You are using a common name variation — We’ll approve recognized name variations, like Robert/Bob or J.J./John Jacob, within 48 hours. If you use an unrecognized name variation or nickname, we’ll require that you verify your identity.
  • You are using a company bank account — To complete verification you may need to provide personal identification as well as one of the following:
    • An original bank statement showing the company name, as well as your name
    • A business license showing your name and the company name
    • Articles of Incorporation showing the company name with you as an authorized agent/owner
  • You are a transgender individual — Upwork will make exceptions for transgender individuals who are in the process of transitioning but have not been able to obtain a name change due to legal or other barriers. Documentation may be required.

If you are experiencing a beneficiary name mismatch, your bank says that the name is mismatched, or any sort of other name mismatch, we can often resolve this issue. If our team finds an issue with your account, we will reach out to you with follow up instructions on how to correct it.

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