By default, we automatically send you notifications about your activity on Upwork. You can choose to not receive desktop, mobile and email notifications at any time. If you’re having issues receiving notifications, please check the troubleshooting tips at the bottom of this article.

To change your notification settings:

  1. Go to Settings  Notification Settings.
  2. Select a drop-down option for desktop, mobile, and email notifications.
  3. For Other Upwork Email Updates check or uncheck the relevant notification as needed.

IMPORTANT: Because we do need to send you an occasional message, you can’t opt out of every Upwork message, but we promise not to send them too often.

Troubleshoot Notifications

Not getting emails from Upwork?

If you’re not receiving email notifications please check your Notification Settings. Be sure to check your junk and spam folders too, as emails from us might be there. On rare occasions, there may be a site issue with Upwork that is affecting notifications. You can check for any site issues here:  

Not getting notifications for new messages on Upwork?

If you’re not receiving any messages notifications via email or the app, they may have been disabled. To check this:

  1. Click the Messages icon in the desktop app.
  2. Click your profile icon then Settings.
  3. Select Messages and configure your notification settings.
Not receiving notifications on your mobile device?

If you are receiving email notifications about messages, but aren’t receiving mobile app notifications, you may have disallowed push notifications on your device. Please enable notifications in your device settings.

Some phones have power-saving modes or apps (example: DuraSpeed and Background Task Clear) that prevent push notification, even if you have them enabled.

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