Upwork currently accepts Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express. Virtual, gift and prepaid cards are not accepted.

To add a credit card in Upwork, you will need to enter the security code/CVV of the card. The location of the code differs depending on the type of card. You may be required to verify your credit card.

By default, Upwork will chargeg credit and debit cards in local currency for clients with billing addresses in these countries.

A Verified PayPal account is required. More info on Verified PayPal accounts here

U.S. clients with U.S. bank accounts.

Limited availability, requires qualifying Upwork history.

Must also keep a credit card or Paypal as backup billing method.

To add a billing method

  • Go to the Accounts menu > Settings > Billing Methods
  • Click the Add Billing Method button
  • Tip: Add more than one billing method  to avoid account disruption in case a transaction fails

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