Give a Refund

You can issue a refund for 180 days after payment is received. Once you issue a refund, you can’t reverse it, and your account will reflect the refund immediately.

You may only refund an amount that is less than or equal to the lowest of the following:

  • Net total transactions on the contract in the last 180 days
  • Available balance in your Upwork account, including pending transactions and submitted milestones

To issue a refund:

  1. Click the My Jobs tab, and then select Contracts. If the contract has ended, select the Ended Contracts checkbox at the top of the page.
  2. Find the correct contract in the list and click its title to get to the details page.
  3. Click the “Give a refund” button.

Once you submit a refund:

  • Upwork creates a credit on your client's account and a debit on your account for the balance of the refund.
  • The credit becomes available on the client's account right away.
  • The refunded amount (including refunded fees) is deducted from your lifetime earnings with the client for determining your relationship’s service fee.

To check any refunds that you have given:

  • Click the Reports tab, and then click Transaction History.

Hours not yet billed

If the hours you want to give your client a refund for are for the current week and the contract is still active, you can remove them from your Work Diary. That way, your client will never be billed for the hours.

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