What is a Talent Cloud network and why do I want to join it?

A Talent Cloud network is an Upwork Enterprise™ client's private group of professional freelancers. Hiring managers sometimes prefer to engage freelancers who have experience working with their company, and typically search their network first.

Working with an Upwork Enterprise client adds you to their Talent Cloud network, which means you'll be at the top of the list when that client's hiring managers search for freelancers with your skills. This means more high-quality opportunities for you.

As an added benefit, you can submit proposals for jobs in a Talent Cloud network without spending any Connects. And you can filter and prioritize notifications by Talent Cloud network in your Notification settings.

How can I join an Upwork Enterprise client's Talent Cloud network?

In most cases, you join when you receive a contract with an Enterprise client. Freelancers offered Enterprise projects must complete onboarding tasks, which may include custom agreements or background checks, before accepting the offer and starting the project.

There are two ways to join an Enterprise client's Talent Cloud network

  • Submit a proposal to a publicly-posted Enterprise project.
  • Accept an invitation to be a member of a Talent Cloud network. This can happen when the Enterprise client wants to assemble a reserve of potential freelancers before specific project needs arise.

Joining a Talent Cloud network increases your chances of working with that specific client when they have a project. You can become part of multiple Talent Cloud networks, but you'd have to go through the whole process separately for each. They each build their own private pool of preferred freelancers and set their own criteria for approval.

Are there requirements to join a Talent Cloud network?

Requirements typically depend on the client, legal requirements in your location, and the type of engagement. In addition to demonstrating you have the skills to deliver the work, you may be asked to show your experience as an independent contractor. Some ways you may be able to do so include showing that you work with multiple clients and/or have a business entity, license or registration. More information.

Why would I want to work with an Upwork Enterprise client?

Upwork Enterprise provides a customized solution for larger companies to find, contract and pay independent freelance talent and other businesses. Upwork Enterprise clients range from fast-growing startups to global Fortune 500 companies and tend to have large teams of experienced hiring managers and hundreds of active projects. In fact, we've seen that compared to the average Upwork marketplace client, an Enterprise client posts 10x the number of projects, is 50% more likely to fill a project, and spends 15x more.

Working with these clients can provide you with access to more high-quality opportunities and a steadier stream of work. This means less time searching and more time spent working.

How can I find more work with Upwork Enterprise clients?

Most Enterprise projects aren't advertised publicly. Hiring managers first look in a private pool of client-approved freelancers. When this Talent Cloud network lacks the skills they're seeking, either the client or an Upwork team member helping that client will search the marketplace and reach out to additional freelancers. These interview invites and offer emails will clearly state that they are from Upwork Enterprise clients.

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