Upwork Enterprise provides a customized solution for larger companies to find, contract, and pay independent freelance talent like yourself. Upwork Enterprise clients range from fast-growing startups to global Fortune 500 companies and tend to have large teams of experienced hiring managers and hundreds of active projects.

Working with these clients can provide you with access to more high-quality opportunities and a steadier stream of work. This means less time spent searching and more time spent working.

Finding an Enterprise Project

Most Enterprise projects aren't advertised publicly. Hiring managers first look in a private pool of client-approved freelancers and agencies called a Talent Cloud. The Talent Cloud serves as a virtual bench of talent for the Enterprise client.

When this Talent Cloud network lacks available freelancers with the skills they're seeking, either the client or an Upwork team member helping that client will search the marketplace and reach out to additional freelancers and agencies. These interview invites and offer emails will clearly state that they are from Upwork Enterprise clients.

If an existing client joins Upwork Enterprise

If you have an active contract with a client and they upgrade to Upwork Enterprise membership, your contract will be ended and a new Enterprise contract will be set up — all automatically. We’ll send you an email with details of the change and instructions on what to do next, and you’ll be able to continue working on your current contract until the new one has started.

Upwork Enterprise contracts generally have a fixed 10% freelancer service fee that does not change throughout the duration of a contract.

Want to learn more about best practices that can make you stand out to Enterprise clients?

Check out our interactive, informational course on Upwork Academy.

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