As Top Rated or Top Rated Plus talent, you have the benefit of more control over your Job Success Score. You can occasionally request to remove client feedback.

Learn more about earning Upwork's Talent Badges here.


To earn a JSS score or an Upwork Talent Badge, your work history must meet certain criteria. Be careful when removing feedback, as your score or badge may rely on it. 

Types of removal

You can request to remove feedback in two ways.

  • Remove only from your Job Success Score (the public score and comment will remain visible on your profile)
  • Remove from your Job Success Score and from your profile (the public score will be hidden and the comment will be replaced by "This feedback has been removed.")

Profile area JSS ONLY  JSS and PROFILE 
Public score Visible Hidden
Public comment    Visible Hidden
Work history Visible Visible
Number of jobs  Counted Counted
Job Success Score     Removed Removed


How it will appear on your client's profile

Remember, if you remove feedback, certain details will remain in your client's history.

  • The feedback you received will be replaced with “This feedback has been removed” in the client’s public job history.
  • The feedback you provided to the client will remain visible, unless the client requests that it be removed.
  • If the client responded to feedback you provided, it will remain visible.

Rules and restrictions

Certain restrictions apply to feedback removal. 

  • Requests may only be made every 3 months, and after 10 or more completed contracts from the time you submitted your previous request
  • If you are an agency, your profile must be Top Rated or Top Rated Plus to remove feedback from contracts performed by your agency
  • Agency feedback removal requests must be submitted by the agency owner, business manager, or agency admin

Note: Remember that removing feedback will not always change your Job Success Score.

Request feedback removal

Top Rated and Top Rated Plus agencies and freelancers can occasionally request to remove client feedback.

1. Confirm that you meet the requirements. 

Only Top Rated and Top Rated Plus talent can request feedback removal. Check the other rules here

2. Email us.

Send an email to In your message, confirm: 

  • The contract number where you would like to have feedback removed.
  • Specify JSS Only OR Hide from Profile and JSS

    • JSS Only – Your public work history won't change. Your profile will still show the public feedback rating, comment, and any response.
    • Hide on Profile – Your public work history will change. We'll hide the feedback rating and comment from your Work History and replace it with "This feedback has been removed".


What if I lose my Top Rated or Top Rated Plus status?

If you lose Top Rated or Top Rated Plus status because of a dip in your JSS, you have two weeks from that date to submit a feedback removal request. Please submit a screenshot of the email you received confirming you have lost your Top Rated or Top Rated Plus status with your feedback removal request.

You may not have feedback removed if you lost your badge due to a suspension or Terms of Service violation.

Where can I find the contract number?

To find the contract number go to your Contracts page. Find the contract you'd like to remove and click on it. On the right-hand side of the page, in the Contract Details section, you will find the Contract ID.

When will my Job Success Score change?

The job, including public and private feedback, is removed from your JSS within 7 days after you submit your request. The change will be reflected the next time your score is updated. Your score may or may not improve at that time.

Why? The influence of other contracts added to or aged out of the calculations may outweigh the significance of excluding this particular job. Or the private measures being excluded may not have been as negative as you thought, resulting in little or no boost when they are removed from the calculation. Because of the complex nature of the calculation, there is no guarantee it will improve if you opt to remove a contract's feedback. You can't "undo" the exclusion if your choice fails to boost your score.

How do I know if I am Top Rated or Top Rated Plus?

Only Top Rated and Top Rated Plus talent is eligible for Feedback Removal. You may view a breakdown of all your freelancer stats on the My Stats page.


Why do I still see my feedback left for the client and their response?

We only remove the client's star rating and public feedback from your profile. We do not remove your feedback to the client (unless they ask us to), nor the client's response to any feedback you have left them. This is still visible when you click the job title on your profile.

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