Important note:

To maintain the integrity of our feedback system and create a more transparent and trustworthy marketplace, freelancers will not have the option to remove feedback beginning September 3, 2024.

If you believe feedback that you have received is unfair or violates our Terms of Service, you can respond to the feedback or report it. Learn more about responding to or reporting feedback.

If you want to remove feedback you’ve given a client, learn more about giving and editing feedback here.

Top Rated or Top Rated Plus freelancers have the option to occasionally request the removal of client feedback.


If you’ve only had a few contracts on Upwork, removing feedback may cause you to lose your Job Success Score. Also, removing feedback won’t change your star rating.

You have two options for removing feedback

  • Remove feedback only from your Job Success Score calculation (the public score and comment will remain visible on your profile).
  • Remove from your Job Success Score and from your profile (the public score will be hidden and the comment will be replaced by, "This feedback has been removed.").
Profile area JSS ONLY JSS and PROFILE
Public score Visible Hidden
Public comment Visible Hidden
Work history Visible Visible
Number of jobs Counted Counted
Job Success Score Removed Removed

How it will appear in your client’s history

If you remove feedback, it will be replaced with “This feedback has been removed”, in the client’s public job history. However, certain details will remain in your client's history:

  • The feedback that you provided to the client will remain visible.
  • If the client responded to feedback you provided, it will remain visible.

Rules and restrictions

Certain restrictions apply to feedback removal.

  • Requests may only be made every 3 months, and only after 10 or more completed contracts from the time you submitted your previous request.
  • If you are an agency, your profile must be Top Rated or Top Rated Plus to remove feedback from contracts performed by your agency.
  • Agency feedback removal requests must be submitted by the agency owner, business manager, or agency admin.


Remember that removing feedback will not always change your Job Success Score.

Request feedback removal

First, confirm that you meet the requirements.

Only Top Rated and Top Rated Plus freelancers can request feedback removal. Check the other rules here.

Email us so we can help.

Send an email to us by visiting Contact Support, choosing the Chat with Support option, and requesting the chatbot to remove negative feedback from your profile. When prompted, please include:

  • The contract ID number that has the feedback you’d like to remove
  • Whether you want feedback removed from “JSS Only” OR to “Hide from Profile and JSS
    • JSS Only — Your JSS may be adjusted but your public work history won't change. Your profile will still show the public feedback rating, comment, and any response.
    • Hide on Profile — Your public work history will change and your JSS may be adjusted. We'll hide the feedback rating and comment from your Work History and replace it with "This feedback has been removed".

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