AI features on Upwork require certain data to function. With your permission, we use this data to enable AI features that aim to improve your experience and efficiency on Upwork.

You have the opportunity to unlock insights and features such as:

  • Best Match insights (beta): Hire faster with Best Match insights powered by OpenAI. Our best match indicator helps you select the freelancer with the best potential to meet your needs through highlighted, relevant client reviews and insight into skill alignment with your job post. This beta feature is not yet available to everyone, stay tuned!
  • More insights and features coming soon

You can adjust your preferences in your settings at any time. After you opt in, you’ll receive new features as they’re launched. If you opt out, you won’t be able to use any AI features on Upwork.

To manage your AI preference

  1. Go to SettingsMy info and find the AI preference section
  2. Select Set preference and choose a selection

Learn more about the data we use and how we protect it in our privacy policy and security practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to opt in to use AI features on Upwork?

AI features require certain data to function. With your permission, we pass this data to AI models and use this data to train Upwork AI models that aim to improve your experience. We protect your privacy by anonymizing data whenever possible, and we do not sell any data. Your data is never used to train third-party service providers' internal models.

Where can I find more information about Upwork's data usage practices?

For more information about Upwork’s privacy policy and data usage practices, you can review the privacy policy, visit the privacy center, and visit the Trust and Safety center.

How does Upwork’s training of AI models comply with data privacy regulations?

Upwork uses data protection principles that are incorporated into the design and development of our platform. Learn more about how we comply with privacy regulations here.

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