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How it works

Clients use Upwork's suite of work management and payment tools to connect with freelancers (like you) and build great relationships. As a freelancer, you’ll benefit through the following:

  • Simplified invoicing and payment processing: Automated invoicing and payment requests are built in when the work is complete
  • Payment protection and security: Your work is covered by hourly and fixed-priced Payment Protection. You can set up automatic payments to get funds on a schedule you choose
  • Get paid within days of completing work: Payments become available quickly, between 5-10 days of completing work, and are invoiced automatically on hourly contracts
How to create an account

We’ll send you an email with a link to sign up and create a profile. Creating an account/profile will give you a public freelancer profile on Upwork, which will allow you to start working.

  1. Select Register in the email you receive.

Enterprise Talent Services email

  1. You will be directed to sign up on the Upwork platform. Enter your information and, if you agree to follow them, select Yes to the Terms of Service, User Agreement, and our Privacy Policy.

Pro tip:

If you select Continue with Apple or Continue with Google when signing up, that’s how you should sign in every time. If you sign up with email (even if it’s an Apple or Google email account) instead, you’ll use the email/username option to log in every time.

Sign up to Upwork

  1. Select Create my account.
  2. Learn more about how Upwork works, then select Get started.

Create your profile on Upwork

  1. Start building your profile. You have options to import your LinkedIn profile (which we highly recommend) or resume to auto-fill the profile, or you can manually enter your details. We’ll walk you through building your profile now, but you can always edit it later.

Upload your resume to Upwork

  1. Enter your title. This is a great place to write an all-encompassing job title or specialty that you think clients may search for.

Add a title to your Upwork profile

  1. If you imported resume or LinkedIn information, the details of your work history will show next. Select the pencil tool to edit, trash to delete, or plus to add more. You only need one item here, but adding a full work history can set you apart as someone who is serious about finding work.

Edit your work history

  1. Add your level of education and where you received it. If you imported your LinkedIn profile or resume, the details of your education will show. You can select the pencil tool to edit, trash to delete. If you have specific certifications, you’ll add those later.

Include your Education in your Upwork profile

Pro tip:

Adding a complete education and work history helps make a 100% complete profile, which helps you get more work and adds to a client’s trust in your ability.

  1. Select your level of English fluency and any other languages you speak.

Add your English fluency level and other languages

  1. Add skills and services. This addition is crucial to help you connect with the right job posts and relevant clients. Type a skill related to what you do (like writing, web development, customer service) or select from our list of suggestions. Add up to 15 skills to make sure our algorithm gives you the best match.

Add the skills and services you provide

  1. Add an overview. This accompanies your headline and is shown in your profile when clients select it to learn more about you. Consider this an elevator pitch, or a quick introduction that explains why clients should choose you.

Pro tip:

If you’re stuck, use your LinkedIn bio here to help you get started. You can always go back and edit your overview in your profile.

Write your bio or profile overview to find work

  1. Set your hourly rate. On Upwork, you can work on hourly or fixed-price contracts. Plus, you can set different rates for different projects. But this hourly rate will display on your profile to help clients see if you work within their price range.


The rate you set here is the rate listed on your profile. If you agreed to a different rate for a specific job during an interview with a talent specialist, you’ll be able to enter that rate when you submit a proposal for that specific job later.

Setting your hourly rate on Upwork

  1. Add a profile photo by selecting Edit photo. Our Terms of Service require a clear photo of yourself without any text in it. Our team reviews these, so it’s important to select a clear photo for the fastest onboarding experience.

Add a profile photo to your profile

  1. Add your date of birth, location, and phone number. Your birth date, full address, and phone number are kept private. Only your city and country are shown to clients. This information is necessary to verify your age, identity, and location.
  2. Select Review your profile to make sure everything looks right. The last step is to make sure your profile is accurate, especially if any auto-populated text has been added. If everything looks good, select Submit Profile. If you need to change anything, select the pencil icon or use the Back button.

Review your profile details

  1. Select Submit profile.
  2. If you were recruited by an Enterprise Recruitment team member, email them to let them know you’re ready. They’ll send you links to any relevant information or work opportunities you discussed.
After creating your account

If you were recruited by an Enterprise Recruitment team member, email them to let them know you’re ready. They’ll send you links to any relevant information or work opportunities you discussed.

Now, you’re ready to get started working! After creating your account, explore two ways to work:

  • Search for hourly or fixed-price work in our marketplace. Use Connects to submit a proposal that highlights why you’re right for the job
  • Create easy-to-buy projects and let clients come to you in Project Catalog. You can define your scope, timing, price, and terms. Once we’ve approved your project, clients can start to buy

Manage work

From communication tools to billing processes, you can find everything you need to manage work here.

Submit a proposal When you find a project you're interested in, you can submit a proposal and explain how your expertise aligns with the client’s project.
Learn about Connects Use Connects to submit proposals. As a business investment, this lets clients know you're interested in their project.
Make a call Chat with your client using both video and voice tools, powered by Zoom.
Communicate and send work Send messages, files, Loom videos, and documents to your client using Upwork Messages.
Enhance your profile Your profile helps you win work. You can update it whenever necessary to show off new certifications or diversity badges. If you’re stuck, check out best profile practices here.
Track and submit your hours Track and submit your time on an hourly contract with your Work Diary.
Add your own hours If your client has agreed to pay you for manual time, you can track and submit your hours to them without a Work Diary.

Get paid

Payment on Upwork is simple, seamless, and secure.

Upwork Payment Protection We offer hourly and fixed-priced protection to make sure you get paid for the hours you work.
Upwork Payroll Service

Will you be considered an employee on this contract?
If so, you'll get paid with Upwork Payroll Service.

Freelancer Service Fees As a freelancer, you’ll pay a 10% freelancer service fee on the earnings you make on Upwork. This fee is charged on all your contracts with a client — whether hourly, fixed-price, or a Project Catalog project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upwork?

Upwork is the world’s largest work marketplace, connecting businesses with independent talent around the globe. We serve everyone from one-person start-ups to Fortune 100 companies with a powerful, trust-driven platform that enables companies and freelancers to work together in new ways that unlock their potential.

Do I have to pay to use Upwork?

Generally, you’ll pay a 10% freelancer service fee on the earnings you make on Upwork but your fees may vary depending on the type of contract. You can see your fees on your Billings and Earnings report and on your Transaction History report.

I set a rate on my profile. Why do I set another rate when I submit a proposal?

The rate on your profile can help clients who are searching for freelancers at a specific price and gives them a general idea of what you charge. The rate you set when you submit a proposal, however, will be for that specific job and may be different.

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