To help organize and track different work on your projects, you can link your Upwork and Jira accounts in conjunction with the Activities feature. With Activities, you can tag a freelancer's time to different work on hourly contracts.

To assign Activities labels on hourly contracts you will need to create Jira accounts for your freelancers. The freelancer can link their Jira account to Upwork by going to Settings › Connected Services and providing the Jira credentials you created for them.

When you assign a ticket to the freelancer in Jira, an Activities label will be created for them in Upwork. Freelancers can select from these labels when tracking time to help organize your report, or you can manually add them to the freelancer's Work Diary.


To link your Jira account for tracking freelancer Activities

  1. Go to Reports > Budgets > Manage activity codes and enable Jira
  2. Go to Settings > Connected Services and link Jira
  3. Create accounts for freelancers in your Jira
  4. Give your freelancers their credentials and ask them to link Jira in Settings > Connected services

  5. Create Jira issues and assign to freelancers — they will see these issues as "activities" in their contracts (Time Tracker, Work Diary).

To confirm your Jira account details

  1. Go to Settings › Connected Services
  2. Choose Connect next to Jira Installation Status
  3. Enter your Jira account information and choose Submit

**Jira requires API requests to Jira Cloud to use API tokens instead of a username/password combination now. For instructions on generating an API token, go here. In the password field, you'd just paste the API token you generated instead of typing in your password.

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