Jira Integration for Clients

If your business uses Jira you can link your Upwork client and Jira accounts. You can post a job to the Upwork marketplace directly from your Jira account with the Upwork Job Post For Jira app.

Clients with Upwork Plus, Upwork Business, or Upwork Enterprise memberships can also utilize their Jira accounts in conjunction with the Activities feature. With Activities, you can tag a freelancer's time to different work on hourly contracts.

To assign Activities labels on hourly contracts you will need to create Jira accounts for your freelancers with usernames that match their Upwork username (please ask your freelancer for this information). The freelancer can link their Jira account to Upwork by going to Settings > App Authorizations and proving the Jira credentials created for them.

When you assign a ticket to the freelancer in Jira, an Activities label will be created for them in Upwork. Freelancers can select from these labels when tracking time to help organize your report or you can manually add them to the freelancer's Work Diary.

To post a job to Upwork from your Jira account

  1. Install the app from the Atlassian Marketplace
  2. Create a new ticket and select 'Connect to Upwork'
  3. Fill out the job details and select 'Post'
  1. Go to Reports > Budgets
  2. Select 'Manage Activity Codes'
  3. Choose 'From external source,' select 'External Jira System' and click 'Save'
  1. Go to Settings > Linked Accounts
  2. Click 'Connect' next to 'Jira Installation Status'
  3. Enter your Jira account information and click 'Submit'

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