Our marketplace is a safe, reliable space for clients and freelancers to meet, find inspiration, and do great work together.

Sometimes, clients and freelancers who have met through our marketplace wish to work together directly outside of Upwork. We provide the option to do this easily, with a payment of the Upwork Conversion Fee.

The Upwork Conversion Fee is a one-time payment that allows you to carry on working with a freelancer or client outside of Upwork. Typically the client pays it, but freelancers can too.

How it works:

The Upwork Conversion Fee is 12% of the freelancer's estimated annual earnings on Upwork based on their hourly rate.

To work out what the hourly rate should be, we choose the highest of these three options:

  • The rate they earned on their highest hourly project on Upwork
  • Their highest proposed hourly rate for any hourly project they have done on Upwork, or
  • The hourly rate in their profile.

For example, a freelancer that charges a $20 hourly rate would work out like this: ($20 x 2,080) x (12%) = $4,992.

Email the team directly at conversionfee@upwork.com or take a look at our Terms of Service if you'd like to know more.

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