There are plenty of reasons why you might need a freelancer who is located in the same country as you. That’s why when U.S. based clients are posting a job, we ask if  you want to target your search to freelancers within your country or open it up to freelancers anywhere.

Don't worry — if you change your mind after posting the job, you can easily switch your location selection, either in freelancer search results or on the job post itself, to make the post visible to the entire marketplace and work with freelancers from around the world. Your location selection can be different for different jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer location selection for remote work?

We recognize that sometimes you need a freelancer located in the same country. Your projects may require localized knowledge, the possibility of on-site coordination, specific compliance needs, or other factors that make working with someone within your country an easier way to get started on Upwork.

What about other countries?

We currently support some level of location filtering for all clients by specifying your requirements in the job description and/or setting location as Preferred Qualification, but freelancers from outside the country may still submit proposals.

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