A chargeback is what happens when someone contacts their bank and asks them to reverse a payment they already made.

When this happens, the bank or credit card company lets us know and we’re required to give them more information related to the charge.

Chargebacks are against our Terms of Service.

If you file a chargeback against Upwork we will suspend your Upwork account.

We’ll then notify you and give you an opportunity to cancel the chargeback/pay your freelancer. We can also explain our dispute process, which allows us to investigate the issue and return your money if possible.

How to avoid chargebacks

To avoid chargebacks, consider the following tips:

  • Establish good communication practices upfront. When you begin a contract, make sure to set clear expectations of the work you need and the timeline it needs to be finished in.
  • Communicate with your freelancer if they are not meeting expectations. Freelancers can issue a refund themselves, if necessary.
  • Never “ghost” a freelancer, even if things aren’t going well.
  • If the freelancer is reluctant to issue a refund, you can file a dispute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I file a chargeback?

If you file a chargeback, you may be suspended. You can no longer use Upwork or access any remaining funds or work on the site if that happens. Once you repay the balance of the chargeback, your access to Upwork will be restored and you will be able to use the site as normal.

What should I do instead of filing a chargeback?

Instead of filing a chargeback, please file a dispute. We will work to resolve the issue internally.

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