Trust is at the heart of the Upwork community, and we truly want to see everyone on the platform succeed. Our Trust & Safety team is constantly working to monitor and address areas of concern for clients, talent, and the marketplace as a whole. 


What is Trust & Safety (T&S)?

The Trust & Safety team consists of dedicated product managers, policy managers, engineers, data scientists, operations managers, and agents. The goal of T&S is to create a trustworthy and safe work marketplace by addressing risk areas and identifying anyone set on abusing the work marketplace, other customers, or Upwork itself.  The team also implements programs that  educate customers and promote a great customer experience. 


When and why does Trust & Safety take action?

The Trust & Safety team will take action to prevent something bad from happening, like fraud or an Upwork policy violation, or to address when something bad has already happened. The response of the team varies depending on how serious the issue is and/or whether the user in question has been warned or restricted before for the same behavior. 


Regardless of the situation, actions come only after Trust & Safety has investigated and established what happened. 


What are the actions Trust & Safety could take?


  • Notification - A notification is sent when there is something that requires the customer’s attention (like an expired payment method).
  • Warning - Warnings are used to let the customer know they have violated the Terms of Service (ToS); sometimes the customer will need to change something in say a job post, but otherwise the account stays active and the customer doesn’t need to do anything else.
  • Restriction - T&S will use this to temporarily restrict the customer from certain activities after a ToS violation; the restriction is removed once the customer takes the appropriate action and recommits to comply with the ToS.
  • Timed Restriction - T&S will use a timed restriction to restrict the customer from certain account activities for a period of time after a ToS violation
  • Block - Blocks are used when the offense is serious enough or the customer has refused to abide by the ToS. Blocks prohibit the customer from using Upwork.


How will I know if Trust & Safety took action on my account?
If Trust & Safety takes action on your account, the team will send you an email explaining the situation and what needs to be done on your end to resolve it. That email is a ticket, and when you reply it goes straight to the team for review and handling.
Should I contact Customer Service if there has been an action?

It is best to reply to the email sent by the Trust & Safety team. That way your response goes straight to the team handling the case and they will be able to resolve it faster. You are always welcome to contact Customer Service, however know that they do not have authority to handle Trust & Safety matters.

I didn’t do anything wrong. Why has action been taken on my account?

Make sure to carefully read the email that was sent to you by the Trust & Safety team. This email will give you details about what happened, and if applicable, tell you how to resolve the issue. Sometimes, mistakes do happen. If you believe the action was taken in error, you can reply to the email with your side of the story and the team will work with you to resolve the issue.

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