To help protect your payments, we offer several levels of protection.

Hourly Payment Protection

For clients:

  • You can monitor your freelancer's Work Diary to see work-in-progress snapshots and confirm what work is being invoiced to you

  • If your freelancer logs hours not related to your project you can file a dispute for the previous week's hours. You will be refunded for any hours that do not qualify for Hourly Payment Protection

  • Upwork Hourly Payment Protection doesn’t apply to bonuses or fixed-price projects. See the Upwork Terms of Service and Hourly Escrow Instructions for full terms and conditions

For freelancers and agencies:

Fixed-Price Escrow and Dispute Assistance

For clients:

  • You and the freelancer agree on deliverables in the form of milestones and you deposit funds (minimum $5 per milestone) into escrow

  • Work is submitted for your approval before funds are released from escrow

  • You can ask for changes to the work or request an escrow refund if necessary

For freelancers and agencies:

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